Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

December 5

Good Morning:

The first EE Art Walk, sponsored by the Periodico editorial team, was held at the Ramada Sunday. We had quite a selection of artists and interested lookers attending, and much talent was on display. Watch for a full report in the December Periodico.

Remember the Pearl Harbor Day Potluck Wednesday, December 7, at the Ramada. Bring a dish to share, and the Hospitality Committee will supply all else (utensils, paper products, cups, ice and all else you will need) including libations suitable to all tastes. No charge, and a fun time for all, so come on down. The weather is predicted to be a bit on the cool side, but we will have the Ramada closed off with the side shades and the heaters will be functioning, so it will be warm and toasty. The EE name badges will be there in the new container, all nice and neat and available. If you have not yet picked up your badge, this would be a good time to do it. See Melodye at the event.

Please remember to bring a non-perishable food item for the local Food Bank, which is in serious need this time of year.

The results of the Paint Survey are in and more than 70 percent of the respondents voted that they would be inclined to vote in favor of allowing changes to the trim colors in Esperanza Estates.  This question will be voted on at the January 2012 EEHOA annual meeting.  In the event this proposal is passed, it will allow anyone who wishes to change the trim color to do so, with the color choices limited to a few additional complementary colors to be selected by vote of the owners.
The 12 proposed new colors are on display at the Ramada now, over the bulletin board. Please go by, take a look, and vote for your choices in the ballot box near the display. Ballots are also provided there.

Please attend the next board meeting on December 19, or email Boyd Morse at if you have any questions or comments.


EE has a spectacular Christmas lights display at the residence of Terry and Donna Shay, 1118 Circulo del Sur, and they invite you to come by and take a look between 5 and 8 in the evening hours. It is worth a trip to see what they have done! While you are in the area, swing by and take a look at the Morse residence at 1184 Excelso, for another spectacular display of lights.

Our Enhancement Team is taking over the task of decorating light posts for those persons who prefer not to do their own. The effort will be headed by Jackie Rautio, whose phone is 269-7864. Call Jackie to make arrangements if you wish to avail yourself of this service. The deadline is December 15, so don't wait. The cost is a nominal $10 if you have your own decorations, and $15 if you don't--but the decorations then become yours.  If you don't have the adapter that goes into the socket on your post, then the charge will be $2 additional; however, you will then own the adapter. For everyone else--it is time to decorate your lamp post! This is an EE tradition with a long history, and marks our neighborhood as one of the Green Valley sites to see during the Christmas season.

The front page of the Green Valley News for last Wednesday, November 30, carried two interesting articles.  One was the story about Kathy Sawin's art projects taking place in EE, and the other involved what two nearby subdivisions are doing to preserve their streets. Both have streets belonging to Pima County, but both have come to the conclusion after talks with the County that if their streets are to be preserved, it would be up to them. Pima County has no money for street repair, and will not have for years into the future. So they picked up the ball and decided to do their own street repair, rather than sit by and see their property values decline. The article acknowledges the damage the garbage trucks do to the streets, with one writer stating one garbage truck does more damage than 3000 cars.

The recent EE survey involving garbage hauling resulted in a number of EE residents expressing the thought that rather than try to take steps to help our own streets, we should instead just demand the County do it. That is not going to happen, and we are on our own. It is a serious problem and needs to be thoughtfully addressed. You can read the GV News articles by clicking here.

If you own a dog, please be mindful of the EE rules--and those of Pima County, prohibiting the maintenance of a barking dog nuisance. No resident is permitted to have a barking dog which annoys a neighbor, and the County will issue citations requiring payment of a fairly hefty fine for violations. If your dog can be heard outside your home, you are considered a violator.

One other matter regarding dogs: please don't put your dog's waste matter into someone else's garbage can. Put it in your own. We have had repeated complaints about people opening their garbage can only to find others have been using it as a repository for plastic bags of dog excrement. Be mindful of the golden rule in this regard.

Fifteen members--several being new--of the EE  Gardeners met last Thursday to review the several ongoing projects of the group, and to discuss new ones for the future. The Gardeners   would like to invite anyone who is interested in gardening, or assisting the group in its beautification projects around EE to join them. The next meeting will be held January 5, 2012 at the Ramada, so put it on your calendar.  The Gardeners are looking for someone with woodworking (router) skills to help them make some small signs, so if you have these skills, or can help, please call Bill Berdine at 344-7301.

The Gardeners, and others, are working under the direction of Kathy Sawin in the construction of two interesting and novel projects, being a sign recognizing Arizona's 100 years of statehood, and a "snake", both of which are being constructed of ceramic pieces and other components. The Gardeners are studying various sites for the location of each project. Kathy Sawin, the artist-in-charge of the "snake" project, needs more roof tiles, so if you have some to spare, please give her a call at 399-3891 and she will arrange for pick-up.

Following the Coffee and Donuts to be held on December 21, the EE Volunteer "clean up" crew will be initiating its first project of the season, so bring your clippers, rakes, and other implements if you want to join in. Last year this group of hard-working volunteers accomplished an enormous amount of much-needed work in several of our common areas, and we are hoping for the same this year.

Our Enhancement Team reports that at this year's annual meeting in January, they will be once again offering for sale plaques for placement on the Pet Post in our Ramada. If you have a favorite pet, either currently or in the past, the placement of a commemorative plaque is a truly nice way to honor all the good things your pet means, or meant, to you. The cost is nominal, and the proceeds go toward Team projects which benefit all of us.

EE annual dues statements have been mailed. The dues have been held to the same level as last year--which makes 7 years now without an increase. Please pay your dues promptly, and be mindful they will bear a penalty after the due date.

Have a good week--and enjoy decorating your lamp post. 

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