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Monday Morning Memo--------------December 29th

Good Morning:

Just a reminder--that nice frame around your license plate telling passers-by your favorite sports team, your alma mater, or free advertising for the dealership where you bought your car is probably going to have to go.

Unless this particular form of expression is worth more than $150 to you. This is the fine fixed by the law, and then there would be the usual surcharges they always pile on top of that.

Starting Jan. 1, it will be illegal to have a license frame that covers the "Arizona" at the top of the plate. If the state name is even partly covered, or in any way not clearly legible, you could be pulled over and cited. Also this is a primary offense--which means the police can stop you for this reason alone. The law is applicable only to cars registered in Arizona.

We received the following note from a retired police officer who is one of our neighbors:

I read with interest the interview w/ Rep from Brinks. I just want to say a few thing in assisting homeowners.  First off Brinks & others in the Home security business provide a needed service.  Brinks & others cannot guarantee your safety....that is primarily up to the individual.  If/when your residence is targeted by thieves there is not much one can do to keep them out.  If you have your home protected by a security company AND it is monitored by the local Police dept. which they seldom are....the response time from the time an entry is detected and recognized by the alarm company can be several minutes before the local police are advised by the alarm company that an alarm has been "tripped"..also it may be several MORE minutes before the police arrive.  More often than NOT the Homeowner is the culprit in triggering these alarms due to many factors that are NOT related to a break-in. Personally, I would advise the homeowner to protect themselves with Carbon Monoxide /Fire alarms......Burglars generally DO NOT enter occupied residences.  Keep yourselves alert/neighbors also.  Install good working locks & ..lock your doors.  Be aware of your surroundings at home and away.  I hope this will help some folks to make an intelligent decision.
Cordially, G. Ronald Mundale Police Off.(ret).

Unfortunately, the luminaria planned for the evening of the 23rd got “weathered out”. That day turned out to be blustery and most unpleasant, which lasted well into the evening. Reportedly, however, the luminary party went on as planned!

Please remember and plan on attending our annual meeting, January 19th. Watch for the mailing which will contain full particulars.

We have found an acceptable bidder for installation of the new salt-water system at both our pool, and spa, and work should commence on that in January.

We found a broken water line at Sunset Ramada--apparently as a result of the very cold weather recently. Fortunately it doesn’t appear much damage was done. Not surprisingly, pool use has been rather limited over the past few days.

The Bunco group will meet next at 2:00 pm January 12, 2009 at the home of Melodye Cooke, 840 Circulo Napa. The group will then meet the second Monday of each month thereafter. Presently there are 10 regular members, and openings for 2 additional regulars, and there is always the need for substitutes. Should you want to join as a regular member, please all Melodye at 399-0455. The first 2 callers will receive the open positions. Later callers will be placed on the substitute list.

Pickleball has been temporarily suspended the last couple of weeks due to inclement weather, but the plan will be to start up again tomorrow, Tuesday the 30th of December, at 10:00 am. We hope to see all pickleball players at the tennis court at that time.

Please keep in mind that another Home Tour will be held next Spring if sufficient homes can be located to include. About eight are needed, and we now have four. This would be the fourth time this event has been held in EE. If you would be willing to have your home in the tour, or help out with the event, please call Melodye at 399-0455. This tour is for EE residents only, and not open to the general public. In the past these events have been sell-outs, and very popular. Included is a wine and cheese event at Sunset Ramada afterward. Please consider putting your EE home in the tour. There are no criteria except your pride in the uniqueness of what you have done with your home. Proceeds are used for EE improvements.

There is still time to sign up for the First Day Party at Sunset Ramada, set for (what else?) January 1st. There is a sign up sheet at the Ramada bulletin board. This is the second annual First Day Party, which was a well attended and fun event last year. If you have no other plans, come on down and join the festivities--but read the sheet and sign up right away so the Committee knows how many to prepare for.

For the past several years the Board has been concerned about the condition of the light posts in Esperanza Estates. The posts were installed at the same time our homes were built, making most of them 30 plus years old, and the remainder only a bit younger. Many of them have rusted off at ground level and fallen over, and been repaired from that condition. Some of these repairs are substandard. Quite a few more are going to fall over in the not to distant future because the posts are gradually rusting through. Others are bent, leaning, dented, rusty, beat-up, and all of them are showing their age. Most have experienced electrical problems of one type or another. It is no longer possible to purchase the same light fixtures, and the amber glass is hard to find as well. As a result, we have a hodge-podge of light fixture types, and the concept of uniformity has fallen by the wayside.

The Board would like to form a committee of owners and try to reach a consensus on the best way to proceed with some type of permanent solution to this problem. If interested in serving on such a committee, please call 399-0455.

Dog walkers: remember it is your responsibility under the rules in EE and the county ordinance to clean up after your dog. There have been a number of violations noted in EE recently, and it needs to stop. Thanks for your cooperation.

Have a good week. Let us hope it warms up some. We hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you will have a safe New Year’s Eve, and a prosperous 2009.

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