Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

December 28

Good Morning:

All pool/spa users are reminded of the need for and the requirement that they sign in each time either of these facilities is used. The sign-in ledger is located in the space between the changing rooms on the counter. The data showing sign in times is important for the Board’s use, and your cooperation will be much appreciated.

The pool morning exercise group has taken a temporary break, due to the holiday season and the weather. Watch the Memo for when the group will begin again, following the first of the year.

Remember the First Day event, coming on January 1 (only 4 days away!) at the Ramada. Bring a salad, dessert, or a side dish, and something to grill on the large barbeque that will be available for use. Please sign up ahead of time on the signup sheet near the bulletin board at the Ramada. The Enhancement Team, who sponsors this event, needs a count so they can plan the correct number of place settings--which they will provide. Also, you may feel free to bring a special friend or two, but be sure and indicate on the signup sheet the number you will have. This will be the third annual such event, and it is growing in popularity yearly. Please attend, share some quality time with your friends and neighbors, and enjoy the afternoon. Festivities begin at 2 p.m., and will continue until--whenever. There is a good possibility that the final three sun/wind screens necessary to complete the Ramada enclosure, will have been installed by that time, so the weather--not an issue any more--courtesy of the Team!

Another kudos to our webmaster, Craig Surprise, who among other tasks he performs for us, has volunteered to take over maintenance of our resident database. The database is where we keep track of the various addresses and phone numbers of property owners within Esperanza Estates for the purposes of mailing out notices, logging legally required 'over 55' compliances, various HOA matters, and compilation of our EE phone directory. Previously, and for many years, this task was handled by Robert Frost who recently moved from EE; it will now be handled by Craig. We have to wonder sometimes how we would be able to get along without him--and we hope we shall never have to find out!

Our spa heater failed last week and had to be replaced. The old unit had developed a leak in the heat exchanger, resulting in the failure. According to our technician, obtaining parts for the unit was becoming difficult, and before a new heat exchanger could have been obtained, it would have required closure of the spa for 1-2 weeks, and possibly more. We were also warned about the likely failure of additional components in the future. The new unit is a high efficiency gas heater, which due to improved technology, should save us substantially on our natural gas expense. This was not a totally unplanned expense, as the Board had been anticipating problems with the pool/spa heaters for some time.

The Hospitality Committee is planning a Hamburger Nite for January 12, 2010, so put this on your calendar. Usual time; usual place; usual good time.

The Enhancement Team is now collecting items for their Spring Patio Sale, to be held at the Sunset Ramada in March. Kitchenware, patio items, home decor and furniture are wanted. If you have large items you want to donate, but prefer not to store, let the Team know.  A very generous person in EE has offered the use of his garage for storage and the Team will gladly pick items up. For pick up, call Sandi (625-0039), Bev (625-7741) or Barb (867-8067). The annual Spring Patio Sale is the Team's biggest fundraiser for the year, and the "drive is on" to raise the money for future enhancement projects the Team has planned.  Remember, by helping the Team you help yourselves, as all proceeds of Team events are reinvested right back into EE--and help us to keep our annual dues low by paying for things that would otherwise have to come from HOA funds.

Plan on attending the EE HOA Annual Meeting next month on January 18. You should have received a mailing with all particulars this past week. Questions? Call 399-0455.
We hope to be able to display the new lamp post head at the Annual Meeting.

The annual Lunar Party will be held close to the end of February, 2010.  Watch for further information as the date comes closer.

Have a good last week of 2009, and a Happy New Year! See you at the First Day event. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, non-sectarian, winter solstice, Kwanzaa (or whatever) celebration.  Interesting to consider “the ought’s” (2001, 2002, 2003, etc.) are now over.

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