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Monday Morning Memo------December 24th


Good Morning:


Hoping your days are filled with true friends, close family and precious memories. May the Seasonís Greetings be yours.

First Day Celebration at the Ramada--January 1st, 2008, at 1:00 p.m.

The Ramada has been booked for a group barbeque. If you have no other plans, please join us in celebrating the first day of the New Year. Bring your own table setting, something to barbeque, and a dish to share.

For additional information and reservations, please call Tess at 625-7353, or Jane at 625-7782.


The following notice appears in the December issue of the Periodico, but due to its importance is repeated here again:

At the Board meeting of December 17th, the Board passed a motion changing the winter pool hours to 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. A second motion passed as well, to explore sanctions against any violator of the pool hours in the future.

A review of the new hours will be made in February, to determine how they are working and if they should be extended, or made permanent.

These measures were largely the product of the ad hoc pool committee, which recently met to discuss all aspects of the pool maintenance and use and recommended their implementation.

The new hours will be posted as soon as signs can be made up, but the change is effective immediately.

This change is being implemented primarily as a cost saving measure, as the early morning hours are the hardest on the HOA natural gas usage, and because pool usage is so limited during these hours. The motion dealing with possible sanctions was felt necessary because one or more people have regularly violated the current posted hours.

The Board asks for your cooperation in this matter.


Another ad hoc committee will be formed in the near future to look into what rules may be necessary for the use of the ramada. Board member Joe McMahon will chair this committee. Watch for further details in the Memo and to be posted at the ramada. If you have ideas, the Board wants to hear them.

We have received the sad news that Dottie Milne has been hospitalized for what was initially a broken bone due to a fall, but then became complicated with other problems. Details as to her condition and location can be obtained from Jim Sage, at 401-6724. Dottie is a special person in EE, being the widow of Bill Milne, whose construction company basically built Esperanza Estates. We wish her well and a speedy recovery.

Apologies are due Sam and June Simonson, donators of one of the ramada heaters as announced last week. Their name was misspelled in the last issue of the MMM.

The editor is most sorry for the error.

A plumbing problem at the pool caused its closure for a time over this past weekend. It has been corrected, but an investigation has shown the

sewer line cleanout that should be present either isnít there or can not be located. Thus, plumbers will return sometime over the next week or so to try and locate the cleanout with special equipment, and if it turns out no such cleanout was ever installed, one will be. This is not really an option, but has to be done, particularly because the Hospitality Committee plan an enlargement of the sink at the ramada which will cause considerably more use of this sewer line.

Another plumbing problem occurred when a pipe at Esperanza Park froze the evening of December 22 and broke, causing a considerable water loss before being turned off by resident Paul Rowland, who also agreed to repair the damage. Many thanks, Paul.

Please keep in mind the giant Garage Sale being planned by the Enhancement Team for early March of next year. Donations are being solicited of your used articles for the sale, and will be picked up by the Team. Just call Bev at 625-7741, Sandy at 625-0039, or Jane at 625-7782. All sale proceeds are used for the betterment of Esperanza Estates, so this is a worthy enterprise and deserving of your help.

The new patio heaters for the ramada are in, and should be ready for use shortly. As with everything these days, they came disassembled. Our thanks go out to Eric Ellingson for putting them together and testing them out. Should be a warmer time in the ramada this winter now.

Kudos to those elves on lower Napa, beginning at Portillo then east and around the corner, who all put out luminaries in front of their homes Sunday evening, and lit them at dark. It was pretty spectacular.

Have a good week, and a Merry Christmas.


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and is intended to be informational only and is distributed as a courtesy.

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