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 December 22, 2014        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

First Day EE 2015
Get 2015 off to a fabulous start by attending EE's First Day Potluck on January 1, at 1:00 p.m.
(Just remember 1-1 at 1.)  Jane Ellingson will once again organize this wildly popular event that has become an EE tradition. It starts late enough for you to recover from New Year's Eve, and early enough to still watch your favorite football game.  Please bring a dish to share, your beverage of choice (hair of the dog perhaps?), and your own table service.  Coffee will be provided.

Make Clay While the Sun Shines
The Fiber Arts Group will conduct a polymer clay workshop led by Joey Sourant and Marla Ries on Thursday, January 8, from 1:00 - 3:00 at the Ramada. This medium can be used for jewelry, or pieces of art.  For planning purposes, please let Marla ( or 360-708-0855) know if you plan to attend.  Please bring a few colors of clay (Premo Sculpey or similar product) to the workshop.  Clay is available at Michael's, WalMart, numerous art supply stores, or maybe even the White Elephant (my store of choice). 

Lovely luminarias will line the sidewalks of S. Circulo Napa on Tuesday, December 23.  Lighting will start at dusk.  Stroll by and show your appreciation to all the Napa residents who participate in this annual ritual.

Hungry Javelinas on the Prowl
There have been several recent reports of javelinas finding their midnight snacks in trash cans.  These critters aren't dainty eaters and leave a huge mess in their wake.  To discourage scrounging, make sure your trash can lid is secure, and if you use the in-ground can, try placing a big rock on it.

Generous EE Movie Goers
Kevin Welsh reports that during this holiday season donations at the Arts Club's Wednesday night movies provided the Community Food Bank with $79 plus many pounds of food, the Crossroads Mission with $122, and $111 to St. Andrews Orphanage.

Become a Patron of the Arts
The Garden Club and Arts Club are raising funds for further enhancements to the future ramada at the shade tree park, which should be funded and completed within the next several months.  To that end, a special evening of wine & cheese, with a silent auction, has been scheduled for Friday, January 23rd. Some donations of fine art, dedicated to this project, have already been received, including: mesquite furniture, ceramic work, leaded glass work, yard art, custom made knives, jewelry, and other quality pieces.
There are many talented and creative people living in Esperanza Estates and the Arts Club hopes you will help support this project by donating a piece of your art work (or your talents as cook, providing a meal to auction, or your skill as a golfer, providing lessons, etc.).  For more information you can contact: Stacie Meyer (344-7301), Marla Ries (360-708-0855) or Joey Sourant (777-7728).

Try Hatha Yoga 
Looking for a way to begin the New Year with a healthful activity?  Give Hatha Yoga a try.  A number of residents have expressed an interest in yoga, and Valerie Davenport, a recently certified yoga/Pilates instructor, has agreed to lead a group in GENTLE yoga at the Ramada.  Participants will be asked to donate $5-$6 per class.  (1 hour yoga classes at GVR are at least $11 a class.)  It has been suggested that classes be held twice a week--either Mondays and Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 9:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m.  Input on days and times from interested participants is requested.  All EE neighbors are invited to join or to just sit in to evaluate their options.  Please e-mail your interest and preferences for days & times to Mary Grgich at or Sharon Rowe at

Broken Lamp Posts
Go out to get your mail and find your lamp post taking a nap on the ground?  Sort of ruins your day, but our HOA may be able to help you out.  Eric Ellingson suggests that if a few inches of the post are sticking out of the ground, the easiest solution may be to repair it with a plastic sleeve. The HOA will have some plastic sleeve material available for that purpose. Contact Eric for information.

Passport Day
Want to escape to an exotic locale? You'll most likely need a passport.  You can apply for one on Passport Day in Green Valley, on Tuesday, January 27, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. when Passport Specialists from the Western Passport Center will provide information and accept applications at Las Campanas Recreation Center, 565 W. Bell Tower Drive.  Bring application forms, one form of photo identification, citizenship evidence, photo, and fees.  Payment accepted: credit card, debit card, or personal check.  For passport information, fees, and forms, visit

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