Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

December 12

Good Morning:

The EE pool and spa were closed Sunday afternoon because of drainage problems in the sewer line servicing the rest rooms. This makes the fourth closure this month due to this same problem. The plumbers have been asked to do what is necessary to permanently fix the problem, but as of yet that hasn't happened. Another effort will be made Monday. At this time it appears the check valve on the line will need to be dug up and changed.

The Pearl Harbor Day potluck was a huge hit, with a terrific turnout on what was predicted to be a chilly evening, but which was actually pretty moderate. Many thanks to the Hospitality Committee, and all of our talented chefs and bakers for a fine dinner, and a fun evening.

Here is a note from Dana Hartje Zamora:
(Ronald McDonald House Volunteer)

The Ronald McDonald House of Tucson needs your HELP! This time of year, a lot of families are struggling, but some have the extra worry of not only being away from home for the holidays, but having a critically ill child in the hospital. In years past, there have been plenty of toys for the children staying at the Ronald McDonald House to open on Christmas morning. This year, however, there are no toys for those children. Is it possible for you to donate a new toy or two or give a monetary donation to help them? Any toys or donations could be dropped off at my parent's house at 1113 W. Circulo del Sur in Esperanza Estates; or, you may call 399-9173 and your gift will be picked up.

Be sure and take a look at all of the colorful lamp posts in our neighborhood.

Please stop by the Ramada and take a look at the proposed new trim colors on display above the bulletin board. There is a ballot box and ballots to allow residents to cast a vote for their 4 favorites. These were all selected by the proponents of the change to be complementary to the house colors in EE.  Please vote by December 31st.

Please note that of the 12 colors displayed in the Ramada, 4 will be chosen to be on the final palette that will also include Norfolk brown and the existing house color, for a total of 6 possible trim colors. The 4 displayed colors that receive the highest number of votes will be the new allowable colors.  The votes will be tabulated and the results announced both prior to and at the annual meeting.  The final trim color palette will be displayed at the meeting.  A vote to change the CC&Rs is also necessary to make the change possible, and that vote will be one you cast by completing the special ballot you will receive with the mailing giving notice of the annual meeting, about mid-December. Instructions for casting the ballot are contained in the notice. Once again, no one will be required to repaint their trim now or in the future; the whole purpose is simply to allow choices besides Norfolk Brown for trim colors.

For any change to the CC&Rs to be adopted, 51% of the lot owners must vote to approve it. This would mean that 179 lot owners within EE would have to vote in favor of a change for it to take place.

Here is a note from Paul and Becky McCreary:
Want to tell about your adventures, or a part of your life? Be in a documentary including some Esperanza residents to be shown in the spring at the Ramada. Everyone has a story.
Also:  Anyone for informal bridge, euchre or mah-jongg? How about a once a week golf league for Esperanza residents? Or a once a month golf scramble? Just for fun. Contact Paul and Becky McCreary at 970-596-1505 or by email to is the web site for the Pima County Animal Control department which handles problems with barking dogs that cannot be resolved by the parties. They have authority to levy fines from $50 to $500 if the problem continues following a complaint.

The 2012 Esperanza Estates Directory will be sold this year at the annual meeting, to be held January 16th, 2012. If your information in the Directory needs to be updated, you will have until the end of this month, December, to make any needed changes. Call Mary Beth Wallace at 399-0299.

The Water Aerobics class is on hiatus until next year due to cold weather & busy schedules.  Watch the MMM for a re-start date.

The small park behind the EE monument on Portillo has been decorated for Christmas, by a group of volunteers who met Sunday afternoon for that purpose. Go by and take a look--very festive!

Have a good week


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