Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, Az.

November 9

Good Morning:

Remember Hamburger Nite tomorrow at Sunset Ramada, beginning at 4:30.  Always a good time, so come on down and meet your friends.  All food will be provided for a meager charge, but bring your own alcohol.  If you are a WW2 veteran or the spouse of one, hamburgers and accompaniments are free to you on this night--courtesy of our Hospitality Committee.  See you there!

This just in:



Browse a variety of gift ideas for Christmas and everyday treasures as you enjoy a complementary glass of wine and cheese nibbles.  Do some or all of your Christmas shopping here, with our own Enhancement Team.


If you have considered purchasing a brick in memory of a loved one, to acknowledge a friendship, celebrate a birth or anniversary, or commemorate any event, now is the time to do it!

NEW! A special area to remember pets, marked with sculptures of a cat and dog.
Have a plaque engraved with the name of your favorite animal or pet friend. They will be displayed permanently and forever in a prominent place in our Ramada, as a lasting memento to that special furry or feathered friend who has shown you such love and affection.

Bricks and/or plaques are $50, including engraving. Help will be available to choose wording at the event.

All proceeds go toward the purchase of three more sun/wind screens for the Ensalmo side of our Ramada. This will enable us to nearly completely close off the Ramada from the weather when necessary, and make it even more user friendly!  It will then nearly be a clubhouse!!

Busy day at the pool last Monday. First the sewer became plugged and backed up, depositing several rather large cockroaches in the womenís changing room and creating a general mess. This problem was fixed by early afternoon. Then the spa pump motor failed, requiring replacement, and taking the spa out of service for a couple of days.  All seems to be copasetic now, however.

We had 17 pickle ball players last Thursday.  Always room for more.  Play and instruction now begins at 9 am on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Come on up and give the game a try. There may be Sunday play started soon as well.

The regular November Board meeting will be held Monday the 16th at Sunset Ramada, beginning at 1:00 pm.  Items of interest for discussion will be the adoption of the HOA 2010 budget, establishing a minimum temperature for opening the pool during the winter months, and the election of Directors for next year at the Annual Meeting.  An agenda will accompany the next edition of the Memo.

Some problems with the microphone at the Ramada were corrected by two of our resident electronics wizards, Eric Ellingson and Craig Surprise. There appears to be no task beyond these two guys! Many thanks to both.

We have received several reports that the police are heavily patrolling the East Frontage Road between the two construction sites on the north and south ends of it, and levying substantial fines to those caught exceeding the posted 25 mph limit.  Also, because they consider it a construction zone, the fines are subject to being doubled.  If you use this road, use caution with your speed.

The Oleanders surrounding the tennis/pickle ball court are severely stressed due to the lack of normal rainfall.  John Meek has offered the HOA use of his water connection, and we are taking steps to give them a drink.  Thanks to Board member Joe McCalpin for rounding up some hose for us to use.

Many thanks for Board member Sandy Reedís help on obtaining bids for future work at the pool.

A special welcome back to all of our winter visitors. Good to have you here with us.

Have a good week.

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