Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

November 28

Good Morning:

The November issue of the Periodico is now available. It is a terrific issue, with even more features and more color than last month, so check it out! (Go to the EE Periodico Index page by < clicking here > to read the latest issue.)

The EE Board passed the 2012 HOA budget--which contains no dues increase for the coming year--at the November meeting. Our HOA is bucking a national trend among HOA's and living within its means.

New EE Board members Eric Ellingson and Jim Lindberg were formally appointed and seated at our November Board meeting. Both are long-time residents who have been active in volunteering to help our HOA in many ways in prior years; we look forward to their service on the Board in the coming years.

Next Sunday, December 4, 2011, from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m., the Ramada will be transformed into an art gallery, workshop, and boutique, where the creative talents of a group of Esperanza Estates Artists & Artisans will be showcased. You will have the opportunity to watch some of them at work, and a few will offer items for sale in the boutique. All Esperanza Estates residents are invited to attend this celebration of the creativity of our neighbors. Admission is free. Many thanks to committee members Carol Ballard, Jane Ellingson, Stacie Meyer, Kraylen Milholer, Jackie Rautio, Cynthia Surprise and Linda Winterland. If you are interested in showing your work at this event, please contact Cynthia Surprise at 205-2742. The Art Show is the first event to be sponsored by the Periodico de Esperanza Estates. Others are planned for the future.

The HOA has received letters of thanks from the Green Valley-Sahuarita Community Food Bank for the contributions of 177 pounds and 137 pounds of food products in the past two months. These are the contributions our residents make at our social functions at the Ramada. Many thanks to all who have aided in this effort to help the less fortunate in our area with adequate nutrition.

Our Hospitality Committee will be holding a potluck on December 7 at the Ramada. This is in remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day.  Watch for further details. The monthly Hamburger Nite functions will begin again in January.

New Board member Eric Ellingson has developed a protocol to help to avoid damage to our pool cover mechanism caused by chemicals used to keep our pool water safe for swimming--which will be implemented immediately.  Recent repairs to the cover have been traced to that source.

Early returns on the survey about allowing additional trim colors in EE are showing a 67% approval rate. If this continues, a formal vote will be taken at the annual HOA meeting in January, and in the interim, some possible new trim colors will be displayed at the Ramada. Watch for further details.

Don't for get about our Wi-Fi zone at the pool-Ramada area, which enables you to use your devices requiring Internet connectivity. It is free of charge, and no password is required for access.

Our Enhancement Team is taking over the task of decorating light posts for those persons who prefer not to do their own. The effort will be headed by Jackie Rautio, whose phone is 269-7864. Call Jackie to make arrangements if you wish to avail yourself of this service. The deadline is December 15, so don't wait. The cost is a nominal $10 if you have your own decorations, and $15 if you don't--but the decorations then become yours.  If you don't have the adapter that goes into the socket on your post, then the charge will be $2 additional; however, you will then own the adapter. For everyone else--it is time to decorate your lamp post! This is an EE tradition with a long history, and marks our neighborhood as one of the Green Valley sites to see during the Christmas season.


EE has a spectacular Christmas lights display at the residence of Terry and Donna Shay, 1118 Circulo del Sur, and they invite you to come by and take a look between 5 and 8 in the evening hours. It is worth a trip to see what they have done!


Have a good week.

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