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Monday Morning Memo----------November 26

Good Morning:

Our Hospitality Committee has announced a Happy Hour Christmas Party to be held December 10th, beginning at 4:30 at the ramada. Libations of all types will be provided free of charge. Residents are asked to bring finger food to share with fellow attendees. Remember, it’s a free shot!----and everyone is invited! Come and enjoy some of the committee’s noted hospitality.

In conjunction with this event, our Esperanza Estates Enhancement Team will be holding an auction as a fund raiser to help them move on with their always ambitious improvement program for our subdivision. The auctioneer will be Lilly Sheehan--who will put you in stitches as she does every year. To help in this effort, donations of wine and Christmas goodies are being solicited for gift baskets to be auctioned. Some of the gift baskets that will be auctioned include everything necessary to entertain your grandchildren during a visit; articles for a beer party; a tea party; a happy hour, and items to delight a golfer. Included will be a certificate for a free round of golf for four persons at the Tubac Golf Club.

Also as gift items for the auction there will be a silver bracelet and a set of earrings by Barbara Carver, a noted local jewelry artisan.

If you can help, and have items that might fit in the above baskets to further enhance them, please call Tess at 625-7353, or Barb at 867-8067. A pickup can be arranged. All proceeds of the auction are user for the enhancement projects for EE which are done every year by the Team.

This entire event promises to be a fun and worthwhile event, so plan on attending.

At the Board meeting last Monday, a motion was passed to establish an ad hoc committee to study and make recommendations on various issues involving the pool. These will include use of the pool cover, the pool heater, cleaning, testing, winter use during colder weather, and all matters which may involve any aspect of the pool and its use. Membership on this committee will open to any interested resident who may have an opinion. Watch for a signup sheet which will be posted at the pool if you are interested in serving. Board member Joe McMahon will chair this committee. Some preliminary rules for use of the ramada may also be considered by the committee.

The 2008 budget for the subdivision was adopted by the Board at the November meeting. Details will be published in the Periodico for this month. One of the capital improvements being budgeted for is the resurfacing of the tennis court, which is much needed.

Please keep in mind the Giant Garage Sale being planned by the Enhancement Team for early March of next year. Donations are being solicited of your used articles for the sale, and will be picked up by the Team. Just call Bev at 625-7741, Mary at 393-7499, or Jane at 625-7782. All sale proceeds are used for the betterment of Esperanza Estates, so this is a worthy enterprise and deserving of your help.

Some of the local precinct Democrats held a meeting at the ramada last week, and held a straw poll for the current candidates. Reportedly it was a tie between Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. A discussion of current issues facing the state and nation was also held. The event was hosted by and attended by EE residents, and others from the area.

If you need help with decorating your light pole for Christmas, it is available. Call the team of Sheila and Melodye, who for the nominal charge of only $10.00, will decorate your pole with your decorations, and remove them when the holidays are over. If you don’t have decorations, the charge is $15.00. Call 399-0501, or 399-0455. The deadline is December 15th.

If you have someone watching your light pole while you are away, please let Sheila Bennen know of it. In that way she can contact them if your light bulb burns out, and perhaps save you $25.00. Call Sheila at 399-0501.

Kudos to Jim Sage, for installing the last 6 memorial bricks at the ramada. Jim has handled these installations right from brick one, and we are most appreciative. There will be more bricks in the future and we hope we can continue to count on Jim for his help. Kudos are due as well to Richard and Georgi Magnuson for covering the pool most of the nights of the week. They are late swimmers and always cover the pool before leaving--which is a great help to the HOA. Thanks much for your help!

If you have an empty garage in EE that you would be willing to rent for January to April of next year, please call 399-0455.


Have a good week. We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.




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