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 October 6, 2014        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Book Group Tomorrow
The first meeting of the book discussion group will take place on Tuesday, October 7, at 11 a.m. at the Ramada.  Orphan Train will be discussed.  All are welcome to attend.  

Weekly Movies Are Back!
This Wednesday, October 8, 7:00 p.m. at the Ramada, the EE Arts Club will show Captain America - Winter Soldier.  Popcorn will be provided. A donation ($2.00 suggested) to the Arts Club is appreciated.

Writing a Memoir
EE resident Denise Roessle will join two other local authors - Ethel Lee-Miller and Duke Southard - on a writing memoir panel, "Looking Back, Moving Forward," on Monday, October 6, 1:00-2:45 p.m., at the GV Library. Sponsored by the Santa Cruz Valley Chapter of the Society of Southwestern Authors, this program is free and open to the public. Denise, Ethel and Duke will share their memoir writing and publishing processes, while offering tips and inspiration to help you write your own story. 

Who Is That?
EE's social season is about to start.  Don't leave people wondering who you are.  Wear your EE name badge to events at the Ramada.  If you don't have a badge, you can order one for $6.00 by contacting Melodye Cooke at 399-0455 or

Registered to Vote?
Today is the deadline, if you aren't already registered to vote in the Nov. 4 election. The Pima County Recorder's Office will be conducting registration at several locations in Green Valley and Sahuarita. You may also register online.

Sign of the Times
There have been some questions recently about the display of political signs in yards in EE.  Arizona law (A.R.S 33-1808) permits the display of political signs in a yard if the total area of signage in the yard is 9 sq-ft or less. The law takes precedence over our HOA's CC&Rs. Such signs must be removed no more than 3 days after election day.

Close the Box
The comfy cushions stored in plastic boxes in the Ramada have proved to be a real benefit for sitting on those metal chairs at Ramada functions.  Recently, a bird was spotted exiting one of the storage boxes.  So, please be sure to securely close the lid when you replace your cushion so critters won't be tempted to take up residence.  Just sit on it to be sure it's shut. 

It's Over
The 2014 monsoon season officially ended on September 30th.  How did it turn out in Green Valley?  June (15th -30th) no rain; July 4.12 inches; August 2.29 inches; September 2.37 inches for a total of 8.78 inches.  That's above the normal total of 8.12 inches and last year's 6.64 inches.  There were several spectacular storms, but without the damage EE experienced last year.  (Remember those wiped out walls and smashed in garage doors?)  Hope you enjoyed the season!

Are You Listed?
When you move in to most cities and towns, you are listed in the next community phone directory automatically, courtesy of the telephone company. The Green Valley Council reminds residents that it doesn't work that way in Green Valley.  If you want to be listed in the Green Valley Community Directory, you have to fill out an application and mail it or deliver it to the GVC office (555 N. La Caņada Drive, Suite 117.)  A Listing Application form is located in the 'Community Information' section of the current Directory. Application forms are also available on the website or in the GVC office. You can now also list up to two cell phone numbers, if you wish. The deadline for submitting the application is November 21.

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