Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, Az.

October 5, 2009

Good Morning:

The moving sale at 821 Napa, promoted in the September Periodico, listed the date as October 14! This was a typo, and the date has also been changed to Friday Oct. 23rd beginning at 7:30am.

For organizing the sale--pricing, setting up, and manning the sale-- the Enhancement Team will receive a nice commission.  Proceeds will be used for additional sun/wind screens on the Ensalmo side of the Sunset Ramada.

Some items that the team has already collected for the annual spring Patio Sale at the Ramada will be included in this moving sale.  If you have questions or items that you would like to donate, contact Denise (399-3312), Geri (777-4972) or Barb (867-8067).  Arrangements can be made for pick-up.

I got a note from Sam Barnard that the Hospitality Committee has scheduled the first Hamburger night of the fall season for Tuesday Oct 13th beginning at 5:00pm.
Hamburger, Chips, and a soft drink for just $5.00.  As always you are on your own for stronger libations. These are fun get togethers, so plan to attend.

Kudos to Sandy Reed, who noted a problem, last week, with the men's toilet at the pool which was draining massive amounts of water due to a defective mechanism in the tank. He had it repaired and undoubtedly saved us many gallons of water and a large water bill.

During some of the social events held earlier in the year, tickets were sold to permit estimates of the earliest storm in this year's monsoon, and also the total Green Valley rainfall that would occur during this season.  Half the proceeds of each would go to the winner and the other half would be used by our Enhancement Team for the purchase of additional sun/wind screens for our Ramada.

Now that the the monsoon has officially ended, the total rainfall has been determined (from official records in Green Valley) to have been 4.87 inches. There are two winners-- both of whom guessed 5 inches.  They were Sally Elliot and Helen Montgomery.  Both will receive a check in the mail for their share of the divided proceeds. The guess for the earliest storm was won by Tom Cooke (who donated the winnings to the cause.) Thanks to all who played and bought a chance.

Hope you have a good week.



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