Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

October 4th

Good Morning:

Just five more days to enter the Periodico trivia contest for a chance to win a free hamburger night. It's okay to phone a friend, check your reference books, or Google to come up with your answers. Pull out your Periodico and submit your best guesses. Email your answers to Denise at There's nothing to lose!

Speaking of Hamburger Nite, remember the first one of this fall will be held October 12 at the Ramada. Cocktails at 4:30, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, or veggie-burgers table served by attractive waitresses at 5:00. Cost? A nominal $5. Please bring a can of food for the Food Bank. These events are always fun.

Pima County actually made a brief appearance in EE last week, and repaired a couple of potholes on Holgado. It is the first time they have been seen anywhere near our subdivision for a long time.

Gary Beatty, our pickleball coach and instructor, should be returning to Green Valley about October 10. The winter pickleball program should begin shortly thereafter. Watch for details

A bit of unexpected rain late Saturday afternoon--nice! And cooler weather is in the forecast as well.

Pretty quiet week in EE.

Welcome back, Barbie!

Have a good week.

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