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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, Az.

October 26

Good Morning:

Many thanks to Ben Sheffield for solving what had been an ongoing problem at the Ramada. When our contract pool workers back-flushed the pool and spa filters, they were in the habit of running the back-flush hose out onto the Ramada floor, flooding it, which also left all of the debris from the filters on the bricks. Over time this had permanently stained some of them, and due to the many personnel changes with our pool service, we couldn’t seem to get the word to the right person to cease this. Ben engineered an alternative back-flush system by cutting a hole in the pool enclosure and fitting both it and the back flush hose with a pipe, thereby enabling the back-flush water and debris to be run directly and harmlessly into the wash behind the pool, and keeping it out of the Ramada entirely. He also set it up in such a way that the back-flush hose will not reach into the Ramada any longer, and has to be put through the new system. The new hole has also been “snake and rat proofed”. Finally, he not only did all the work on it, but paid for it as well. Problem solved--and kudos to Ben!

The EE Enhancement Team had a very successful moving/garage sale at 821 Napa on Friday. The owners of the house, Lynn and Jon Raby, donated the items for the moving sale, and EE residents were also very generous with donations which Barb, Geri, & Denise picked up over the past few months. Many thanks to the helpers at the sale and those who helped prepare it, being Melodye, Lynn, Maggie, Jonnie, Joan, Mary Beth and Dean who all very willingly lent a hand.

The Men’s Auxiliary to the Team, being Lance, Vince, Ben, Jim, & Tom did the transporting of items from storage areas to Napa. These guys worked hard and are invaluable to the Team.

Bev Brow, who has very ably managed the Ramada patio sale for the past many years would like to thank everyone who made the donations and the Team for putting it all together. Particular thanks are given to Jonnie for buying pizza for the workers at the conclusion of the sale.

All proceeds from the sale will go toward the purchase of additional sun/wind screens for Sunset Ramada. The sale raised more than $1800, and the Team reports it is now closer to the goal of raising $3500 for the purchase of 3 screens, and hopefully may be able to have them installed by early winter.

Back in 2006, Nancy Moore spearheaded an effort to collect and ship items and articles of comfort for our troops in Iraq. The effort was highly successful thanks to the generosity of many residents of Esperanza Estates, who contributed and helped to pack the boxes necessary. Recently, Nancy was contacted by one of the recipients of these items, a Marine, who told her how much these things were appreciated and enjoyed by the troops. It is possible that we may have a visit from the Marine mentioned, who would like to thank EE personally for this kindness. If this can be arranged, we will give notice of the time and place. Stay tuned.

Beginning November 2, the Water Aerobics Group exercisers at the pool will begin at 9 am and run until 10 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, instead of the current hour. If you are in this class, please make a note of it. All EE residents are eligible, including men. Remember as well, pool hours change November 1 to winter hours, they being 7am to 7pm. Use of the pool or spa outside of these hours is not authorized, and a violation of the CC&R’s. Please honor these posted hours.

Gary Beatty, who set up and taught our pickleball program last year is in the process of reestablishing the same for this winter. He will be holding classes and coaching at our tennis/pickleball court beginning this next week. Games and instruction will begin for now at 8:30 am on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. He is interested in learning if there are players who would prefer to meet and play in the early evening hours, as well as the mornings. Last year several potential players indicated an interest in the game but were unable to play in the morning hours. If you would be interested in a late afternoon program, please drop the editor an email at and so advise. This year there is also a possibility of setting up a pickleball competition with another Green Valley HOA which has just taken up the game. Gary has also “personalized” our court by adding the EE initials on the court at the west entrance. Looks great.

The EE Board of Directors met last Monday at the Ramada. Meeting minutes are located on our website at where they are always published promptly after each meeting. The next meeting will be held November 16. Meetings are always the third Monday of the month, always at Sunset Ramada, and begin at 1:00pm. All residents are welcome.

Thanks also go out to Emil Ziemer and Paul Rowland, our resident handymen, for repair work they did on the pool restroom door jams, which had become partially rotten due to long exposure to water. We can always count on these two guys.

Two Palo Verde trees on the Esperanza Blvd. strip are dead, or nearly so, and will be removed and replaced with other native trees. We need a volunteer to take care of the new trees for several months until they are established. This will only require watering them once a week, but this is important. If you can help out the HOA in this regard, please call Stoney at 648-7235.

Not too early to put November 10 on your calendar for the next Hospitality Committee Hamburger Nite. Usual time--usual place.

Work on the Ramada floor is finally finished! It has been stripped, etched, painted, power washed, re-sanded, and sealed over the past few months--all paid for by the Enhancement Team and with volunteer labor. Looks good, and at a significant cost saving to the HOA. The Team is a big part of the reason our annual dues are able to be kept so low--their efforts pay for much of what we need. To help the Team is to help yourself. Please support them.

Watch for the October Periodico, which should be out this week.

Have a good week. Happy Halloween!

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