Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

October 24

Good Morning:

The October meeting of the Board was interesting and certainly lively. Significant issues discussed included possible new trim colors, trash haulers & our streets, and storage at the Ramada. The discussions were sometimes intense, with individual homeowners expressing some strongly-held views, but they were also characterized by mutual respect and common courtesy. If you have any interest at all in the state of your community, please attend these meetings and make your views known; don't leave it up to a few.  Whether you agree or disagree with certain positions, give the Board the benefit of your thinking. This is, after all, your Board.


Hurrah! There will be a Halloween Party on the 31st, starting at 4:30 with libations, followed by a potluck feast. Spend some time thinking about a costume, since there will be a prize or two for the best, and use the provided liquid refreshment to loosen up your vocal cords for Karaoke.  If we all sing, no one will know that we can't carry a tune.


One of the aforementioned Board meeting topics was painted trim colors.   Last year, a group of interested homeowners joined to study alternative colors for the trim on our houses. This is an official call for the group to offer up its findings, so that we can prepare the required votes to amend the CC&Rs at the January Annual Meeting. The amendment process is deservedly cumbersome and we need to get all of the required steps done if we are going to have something to offer in the form of a vote to homeowners in January.


During the past year, a number of people, including some members of the Board, have worked to identify solutions to reduce the number and frequency of trash trucks on our streets-with the dual goals of reducing noise and minimizing any further damage to our streets. There are different views on the issue, and they have been expressed in formal and informal gatherings. Board members have expressed an interest in finding out what a broad sample of homeowners think could be done, if anything. An informational survey has been developed to get a "sense of the community"  As soon as some 'technical details' for distributing the survey using the same email list that brought you this memo are worked out, you will have a chance to let the Board know what your feelings on the subject are.


The  October Periodico is available on the website; our webmaster wants to remind readers to click just once on the link, then to sit back and wait for your web browser to open and for it to open the [large!] PDF file with the issue.  It may take a while, but it is worth the wait!


The  EE Website has some suggestions for recycling everything from pop-top can tabs to fluorescent bulbs.  A list of items accepted at the Sahuarita Landfill is available at their 'office' on N. La Canada.


On an unfortunate note, one of our neighbors has informed us of the apparent theft of some tools from his garage. The homeowner was away from his property at the time. We are fortunate in having a very low crime rate, but it happens. Please secure your possessions and be watchful for your neighbor's property as well as your own.


Last but not least, please take a moment to verify your phone number in the EE Phone & Street Directory is correct.  You can contact Mary Beth Wallace at 399-0299 with any changes or if you would like to purchase a current Directory.  We will be updating the Directory in December and selling it beginning at the Annual Meeting in January. 


Have a good week


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