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Monday Morning Memo------------January 7th

Good Morning:

About 52 of our residents met at the ramada on New Yearís Day for a barbeque and a good time. This was a first time event here in EE, but it is predicted to become an annual occurrence. The gathering was sponsored by our Enhancement Team. The weather held pretty well, and more than a lot of satisfaction with the event was reported. Special thanks are due to our own Sam Barnard, who acted as barbeque chef, and took care of the grill both before and after the event.

The Enhancement Team has another project designed to make the ramada even more comfortable and user friendly. It involves the addition of roll-down solar shades, which are planned to cover the entire length of the west end toward Sunset Park, and in the first opening between the pillars at the southwest end of the ramada. This type of shade would reduce the effect of wind and would block 90% of the sunís heat and glare. The shades are cable guided, and fasten down firmly to prevent flapping. When not in use, they retract fully into metal box housing that would be the same color as the existing beams. The shades themselves would be a dark brown, heavy duty woven mesh that allows soft light to penetrate and also afford excellent outward visibility. Additional matching shades could be added to the other openings in the future.

These shades would be beneficial both in the summer and the winter, so would help all EE residents, regardless of the amount of time spent here.

The Team has a cost estimate from Rayís Solar Solutions, a local contractor, in the sum of $3800, which has been discounted 10% from the normal list price and includes sales taxes. No labor would be charged for the installation, and this company has agreed to service the shades should they need adjustment, without charge.

Because the cost of this project would exceed the Teamís current resources, they will be seeking participation from other EE residents and committees to add to their pledge of $1,000 toward the cost. Recognition will be given to all contributors, and the current idea is to put up a large thermometer showing progress in red toward the goal, probably at the ramada itself.

This is another good idea by our Enhancement Team to make our ramada even more functional, so please give it some thought and whatever level of support you can.

And the Team never stops! They are also undertaking a refurbishment of the gravel cover and cactus plantings at the front EE monument on Esperanza Blvd. This will further enhance the newly constructed arch and lettering the Team did there last year. Remember, all of their efforts are at no cost to the HOA, but instead are funded solely by their own fund raising activities. This is why supporting the Teamís activities helps us all.

Our always busy Hospitality Committee will be meeting soon to plan the coming events for the next several months. When their plan is finalized it will be publicized here and in the Periodico so readers can calendar the same. Watch for the details.

Signs giving the street address of the pool have been posted on the pool enclosure, to guide any emergency vehicle that might need to be called to that location with a minimum of delay. The pool has always had a street address assigned, but it has never been posted or visible before now.

For those who use Saguaro Environmental Services for garbage pick-up, you can obtain their holiday schedule by calling (520) 745-8820 and pushing the appropriate number from their recorded directory. Unfortunately they donít publish a list. The general policy is that is the collection is moved to one day past the normal day.

Please keep in mind the Giant Garage Sale being planned by the Enhancement Team for early March of this year, as that date will be creeping up rapidly. Donations are being solicited of your used articles for the sale, and will be picked up by the Team. Just call Bev at 625-7741, Sandy at 625-0039, or Jane at 625-7782. All sale proceeds are used for the betterment of Esperanza Estates, so this is a worthy enterprise and deserving of your help.

Remember the annual meeting on the 21st. Read the material you have or will receive in the mailing and vote your choices.

Plans are in the works for the 9th annual Lunar Party at Esperanza Estates Park on Holgado. This is a "freebee" put on annually by the usual suspects. We have a big bonfire, eats and drinks, and a good time. Watch for details.

The Monday Morning Memo now goes out to 220 households in Esperanza Estates. It was born June 26th, 2005, when the first issue was published by then-president Max Perry, at the suggestion of resident Bruce Liljegren that we needed a weekly news publication to keep people up to date on what is going on within Esperanza Estates. Our excellent Periodico is hampered in this regard by being a monthly. Many things in EE happen too fast for it to be able to get the word out.

The present issue of the MMM is the 132nd. It has proven to be a very useful tool to try and keep our residents informed on current matters, events, and issues, and has been very well received. New buyers within EE that have an email address are automatically added to the list of recipients, and the eventual goal is to be able to communicate with the entire subdivision in this manner.

Have a good week, and we hope your holiday season was the best.




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