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Esperanza Estates

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Monday Morning Memo------------January 5th

Good Morning:

Happy New Year!

It has been a fairly quiet week in Esperanza Estates.

The mailing for our annual meeting went out a short time ago, giving full particulars about it and the Board candidates. You should have received it by this time. Please review it and plan to attend the meeting.

The following has been received from Neighborhood Watch:  We need to know if any of the residents have a change in their local phone number in the past year, or any number that is incorrect in 2008 issue of the EE phone directory.  This could be land line or cell.  If so email correction to, mwallace 27@cox.net or call 399-0299 no later than 11 Jan. to have the correct number in the EEHOA Directory... Neighborhood Watch will be taking the master copy to the printer that week and we will be putting them together to be available for sale at the Annual meeting on Mon the 19thfor the usual fee of $3.00.

Our pickleballers showed up again December 30, after a couple of week break caused by the bad weather. Then they played again on New Year’s Day in the a.m., before breaking for the First Day Party at Sunset Ramada. This is great exercise and a fun sport, so if interested, a pickleball clinic is scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday mornings, from 10 to 12. Our coach is Gary Beatty, an excellent player and a great coach. Gary is also the guy who obtained our new tennis court surface for us for about 20% of what its cost would normally be. He also installed it for us.

Gary advises that if you would be interested in learning pickleball, but are unavailable on Tuesday or Thursday mornings, he would be willing to schedule classes at other time. There is no charge for lessons. Call 399-0455 to discuss further.

Our tennis court, which for many years has sat mostly idle, has become a busy place several times a week now, and is providing a lot of enjoyment.

In addition to tennis and pickleball, there is also a basketball hoop available for use there.

The First Day Party, by the way, drew more than 70 people who enjoyed a fun time and beautiful weather. Attendance this year is way up from last year, and this will no doubt become another EE tradition. It is sponsored by our always busy and engaging Enhancement Team. Here is a report on the event right from the Team:

Seventy people attended the First Day Party at the Ramada on Thursday. The music was lively: Strauss waltzes and polkas.  The food was delicious, with a large assortment of salads, side dishes and desserts.  Sam Bernard was the grill chef and did a masterful job. The Enhancement Team, which made arrangements for the party, want to thank him — and book him for next year.  OK, Sam???


Have a good week, and we send our best for a prosperous new year.


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