Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

January 3, 2011

Good Morning---And Happy New Year!

Please be sure, when removing your light post decorations, to make very sure the lamp top is securely clicked closed. Otherwise the top may blow off during the next wind storm, and possibly be lost or damaged. If you have any trouble closing the top, call 399-0455 for assistance.

The First Day Celebration at the Ramada on January first was attended and enjoyed by about 45 hearty souls. It was a nice gathering with a great array of delectables. Despite the weather, the Ramada was pretty comfortable, and attendees reported a good time. Several called it "a delightful little party", and it was. Many thanks to all who attended and brought their culinary highlights for us to enjoy. Thanks as well to the organizers, Jane Ellingson and Mona Sheffield, who put it all together.

The problem with the pool electrical system has been identified as a separated connection, which is unfortunately beneath the concrete pool apron. To avoid having to jackhammer the decking, the electrician has recommended running another circuit to the pool cover switch, which suggestion we are pursuing. The pool will reopen as soon as this work can be completed. The electrician has scheduled the necessary work to begin shortly--possibly today. We are sorry for the necessity for the closure. Fortunately, it has not exactly been great swimming weather the past few days.

Just a reminder that your annual EE dues are due before January 15, and if not so paid, a 10% late fee will be charged. If you have financial issues that prevent you from prompt payment, please call Joan Moreaux and discuss with her, at 648-7515.

Can reading the EE Periodico be good for your health? Studies suggest that learning new things and playing brain games help you to keep your brain running at top efficiency. Two features in the Periodico can help you with this: the Trivia Teaser and the Mystery Corner. Each month the Trivia Teaser presents six trivia questions, and by trying to answer them you learn new facts. The Mystery Corner challenges your brain with classic brain teasers from our resident Puzzleman. Join the fun and qualify to win a prize by submitting your answers to Periodico Editor Denise Roessle. See details in this month's Periodico.  Several residents have won free meals at Hamburger Nights for answering past Trivia Teasers, and starting this month a prize will also be awarded for correctly solving the Mystery puzzle.

Our new Ramada/pool area "hot spot" has taken on another role as an HOA amenity to advertise when your home is on the market. National statistics show that about 77.3% of our US population use computers to access the Internet. Here in EE, we now offer a way to connect free of charge, easily and with no hassle. Some home sales literature we are seeing around EE are mentioning this useful capability--as they should! In this real estate market, you need all the pluses you can find.

The Dispose-A-Med boxes have reopened in three GV firestations (151 La Canada, 152 Camino del Sol, and 153 Continental) for the disposal of prescription and over-the-counter medications which are unneeded or with expired use dates.

Remember to attend the EEHOA Annual Meeting, January 17, 2011.  Full details, including your ballot, are in the recent mailing. We have learned that apparently a few of the recent mailings dealing with the upcoming annual meeting of the HOA were sent out without ballots. If you happen to receive one without a ballot, you may obtain a ballot by emailing, or calling 867-8067. Ballots will also be available at the meeting.

On Sunday, January 30th at 6:00 p.m. at the Ramada, the Esperanza Enhancement Team will hold a Dessert Buffet. Tickets will be $5.00, and will be available at the Hamburger Nite to be held January 11, or by calling Jackie Rautio, 269-7864, or Lorna Kitchak, 838-0653. For the ticket price, attendees may sample 3 desserts, and coffee or tea will be provided. An old-fashoned Cake Walk will be held as entertainment. The Team is asking our EE bakers to prepare and donate their favorite desserts for the event. Please contact one of the above mentioned, or any member of the Team (Barb McCalpin at 867-8067 would be a good choice), for further details. This event is a fund raiser for the Team, to assist them in their projects, all of which directly go to benefit Esperanza Estates. Your participation will help in these efforts.

We have had good reports about the new "doc-in-a-box" located at the Safeway plaza on Duval Mine Road. The technical name of this facility is apparently the Northwest Medical Center. It is an urgent care medical office, capable of handling many types of minor medical matters. We are glad to finally have this walk-in, no appointment capability on a full time basis here in Green Valley.

The perpetual problem of dog droppings seems to be cropping up again. If you have a dog, please have consideration for others and pick up after it.

Have a good week. We hope you have a wonderful 2011, starting with a warm up this coming week!

The Monday Morning Memo is not an official publication of the HOA of Esperanza Estates.  It is intended to be informational only and is distributed as a courtesy. Content is entirely determined by the editor.

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