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Monday Morning Memo--------------January 28th

Good Morning:

The annual meeting of the membership of Esperanza Estates was held last Monday, January 21st, at the Desert Hills Social Center. The meeting was well attended. Robert Hunton and Tom Cooke were reelected to the Board, and Bruce Liljegren was elected, all for three year terms.

At an organizational meeting held after the annual meeting, the following was determined as the makeup of the Board for the coming year: Tom Cooke, president; Joe McMahon, vice-president; Joe McCalpin, Secretary; and Joan Moreaux, treasurer. Committee heads will be Steve Brown, common areas; Bruce Liljegren, neighborhood relations; Ken Miller, architectural; Robert Hunton, recreational facilities, and Robert Frost, capital improvements.

Long-time Board member Sheila Bennen elected not to run again, after serving 9 years. She was honored at the annual meeting with a plaque, an engraved brick for the ramada, flowers, and a coffee and cake hour at the ramada the afternoon of the meeting.

The special assessment passed by a wide margin, which will enable the remaining debt on the ramada to be retired by July. Watch for a mailing from the HOA shortly on this with instructions for the payment.

Another Coffee and Donuts at the Ramada will be held Thursday, February 7th at 8:00 am. This is a freebee, and is done to encourage social interaction with our residents. No agenda--no meeting--just come on down and enjoy a cup of coffee and a donut and enjoy some conversation with your neighbors and perhaps meet some new ones. This event has been popular in the past, and we hope to see you there. Lots to talk about these days.

A farewell barbeque was held at the ramada the evening of January 23rd for Jack and Marion O’Donnell, who are returning to their native North Dakota to be closer to family. The O’Donnell’s have lived in EE for the past ten years, where they have been very active with the White Elephant organization. They were very good neighbors and an asset to Esperanza Estates. A group of their neighbors presented them with a brick for the ramada to say goodbye. They will be missed.

On January 31st at 10:00 a.m. there will be an ad hoc committee forming for the adoption of rules for use of the ramada. If you wish to serve, please sign up on the sheet posted at the ramada bulletin board. Board member Joe McMahon will chair this committee. Even if you do not wish to become a committee member, but have ideas on this subject, please attend and discuss them. With increased use of the ramada, some rules need to be adopted to govern this. It is anticipated these will include procedures for reserving the ramada, cleanup, group eligibility, recovery of HOA expenses (propane, electricity etc.) hours of use, noise levels, damage, and related matters. Rules adopted will be as simple as possible consistent with ordinary prudence.

New EE very useful and handy phone and by-street directories have been prepared and are for sale from Neighborhood Watch. Call Mary Beth Wallace at 399-0299, or they will be for sale at the giant garage sale. The garage sale date has been moved from March 1st to March 8th due to a scheduling conflict. Pickups are still available and will be until March 1st. Call Tess at 625-7353, Bev at 625-7741, or Barb at 867-8067.

Robert Frost asks that any errors in the directory be reported to him at 399-9003, or emailed to Arizfrost@aol.com One typographical error has been noted: the phone number for Eleanor Schaefer under the Neighborhood Watch section on the inside front cover of the new directory should show as 648-3182. Please correct in your copy.

A few weeks back there was a plugged drain at the pool restrooms, which was removed only with considerable difficulty because there had never been a cleanout installed in this sewer line. That situation has now been corrected, and proper cleanouts have been installed in an accessible location.

Research has begun on obtaining a new electric pool cover to replace the manual cover now in use.

It is not too early to make plans to attend our Hospitality Committee’s free Valentine’s Day dinner on February 12th at the ramada. Watch for further details as to time, etc. Keep in mind as well the 9th Annual Lunar Party, to be held February 20th at the EE Park on Holgado. This is also a freebee, with a bonfire, eats and drinks, and a good time. The Lunar Party is not a function of the Hospitality Committee, but is instead sponsored by private individuals.

Fund raising for the very worthwhile project of obtaining sun/wind shades for the ramada is continuing, and the "thermometer" is inching upwards. Please help in this effort if you can. Contact Tess at 625-7353, or any member of the Enhancement Team, to find out how.

Kudos to Jim Sage, who continues installing memorial bricks for us in our ramada in a neat and orderly fashion.

Have a good week.


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