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Monday Morning Memo-------------January 26th

Good Morning:

The 31st annual meeting of the HOA was held last Monday, and was well attended. Joan Moreaux and Barb McCalpin were reelected to the Board and Alexander “Sandy” Reed was elected to the open seat created by the retirement of Ken Miller.

The new Board held a short organizational meeting following the annual meeting. Elected to office were Tom Cooke, president, Bruce Liljegren, vice president, Joe McCalpin, secretary, and Joan Moreaux, treasurer. Board committee chairs will be: Stoney Brown, common areas; Sam Barnard, neighborhood relations; Barb McCalpin, capital improvements; Tom Cooke and Bruce Liljegren, recreational facilities, and Bob Hunton, architectural control. Sandy Reed will assist Joan Moreaux as needed.

A reception was held at Sunset Ramada for Ken Miller following the annual meeting. Cake and coffee were served, and it was attended by about 60 people. At the annual meeting, Ken was presented with a memorial brick for installation at the Ramada, and was given a bottle of his favorite refreshment. Ken worked hard for the HOA, and he will be missed.

90 people attended the first Hamburger Nite on January 20, sponsored by our Hospitality Committee. It was a beautiful evening, and the Committee did it’s usual excellent job, with prompt table service by a friendly wait staff, and the always excellent hamburger. Be sure and keep tabs on the dates of this event, as it is always a fun time.

Remember the Lunar Party, scheduled for February 8th at EE Park, beginning at 5:00 pm. It is a freebee, and all are invited.

The next Hospitality Committee function will be held February 15th, in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Watch for details as the date approaches. The February Hamburger Nite will be held the third Tuesday of the month, the 17th.

The next Coffee and Donuts at the Ramada will be held the second Wednesday of February, the 11th at 10:00 am. This is also a freebee.

Unfortunately it appears the 2009 EE Home Tour will have to be cancelled because there were insufficient volunteers to have their homes included. We needed 8 to make the Tour successful, and were able to obtain only half that many. This is unfortunate, as it was a well enjoyed and always previously successful event--but it can’t continue unless there are homes to show. Unless additional homes are volunteered within the next week, this event will sadly pass into history. Call 399-0455 if you have questions or thoughts on how this might be salvaged. The event always generated more than one thousand dollars which was turned over to the Enhancement Team for common area improvements, benefiting all of our residents.

There is an interesting and useful website located at: www.crimes-of-persuasion.com/ which covers schemes, scams, and frauds of types regularly practiced in Green Valley, with full explanations of how they work and how to protect yourself. It is worth a look.

The minutes of Board meetings, past issues of the Periodico, and the Monday Morning Memo are always available on our website, at www.esperanzaestates.net

Free lemons are available by calling 399-0455.

Have a good week. Enjoy Super Sunday next week. Go Cardinals!


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