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Monday Morning Memo--------January 21st

Good Morning:

About 80 people turned out last Tuesday night at the ramada for the Hospitality Committee’s first 2008 Hamburger Night. It was a typical January evening and previously the Committee had strategically placed the new heaters around the seating area for their first use at a group function. They worked very well, and kept the evening chill away, rendering the event most pleasant. It appears these are going to turn out to be a very wise investment. Our thanks to the Committee for a fun evening--the first of many ahead. And a second thanks to all those who donated a heater, or toward a heater. It was money well spent, and well appreciated.

Watch for details in the Memo about future events. Quite a number are ahead.

At the Hamburger Night festivities, the Enhancement Team made a presentation about their project to install sun and wind screen shades across the west end of the ramada and on the southwestern-most opening. The project cost is about $3800, and the Team has pledged $1000. The plan is to ask for donations and pledges from residents which will be noted on a large thermometer-type display posted in the ramada. As donations are received, the "temperature marker" in the thermometer will rise, and the name of the donors will be posted. Several donations were received immediately, sufficient to make the marker go up a ways already. The Team also ran a raffle Tuesday night and raised some contributions in that fashion. If you are in a position to help in this very worthwhile endeavor, please contact any member of the Team for further details. Specifically, you may contact Tess, 625-7353; Jane, 625-7782; Bev, 625-7741; or Barb, 867-8067. Donations or pledges in any amount will be gladly accepted, and will help the project toward completion.

This brings up once again one of the Teams annual fund raisers--the giant garage sale, now scheduled to March 1st at the ramada. Donations of household items for the sale are being solicited, and a pickup of any such item can be arranged by calling any of the phone numbers listed above. The proceeds of this sale will be used for further enhancements within Esperanza Estates, and your support will be welcomed.

The Team has announced another project as well----to construct an Esperanza Estates entrance sign on Portillo, just north of Arroyo No. 9 and at the point where the walking trail intersects with Portillo. It will be of masonry construction, identical in style and color to other EE structures, and will contain an arch upon which will be posted the name of our subdivision in black wrought iron lettering. Presently, there is nothing to mark entering Esperanza Estates in that location other than a sign asking people to pick up their dog droppings, and a warning against soliciting. Neither are very welcoming. Esperanza Estates is the only subdivision along Portillo that doesn’t having a sign marking its name, and this donation by the Team will correct that situation and make a very attractive addition to that parcel of ground. As always, this will be constructed entirely at the expense of the Enhancement Team, at no cost to the HOA. Completion should be in about 3 weeks.

Remember the annual HOA meeting today, and please try to attend if you can.

There will be an event this afternoon at the ramada, beginning at 3:30. Details will be given at the annual meeting, but please attend even if you can’t make the annual meeting. It will be short, but worthwhile and with refreshments provided.

For customers of Talkin’ Trash, there is a bulk trash pickup day scheduled for February 8th. Details may be obtained at www.88trash.com

Wanted to rent: garage space for a medium size car, from March 28th to December

28th. Call Lois at 648-1209.

It 's the Patriots and the Giants in the Super Bowl on February 3rd.

Have a good week. 

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