Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ

January 18

Good Morning:

Remember the 32nd Annual Meeting of the EEHOA will be held today, January 18. The sign-in begins at 12:15, and the call to order will be 1:00. The place is the Desert Hills Recreation Center, 2980 S. Camino del Sol.  Questions? Call 399-0455.

The 2010 EE phone directory will be handled as follows:
Orders (and $3.00 for each copy ordered) will be taken for the 2010 EEHOA Directory at the Annual Meeting Mon. 18 Jan.  Residents will have the opportunity to check and correct, if necessary, their information as it will appear in the directory. The directory will then be delivered to you when they are ready.  All involved in this project appreciate your cooperation. The standard practice of the past in preparing the Directories and having them for sale has proved problematical due to database errors and changes. We hope this time to be able to put out a Directory that is 100% accurate and up to date up to the minute. Persons not attending the meeting will still have the opportunity to purchase a Directory at another time.

We have arranged to have an audio-visual presentation about our website, or such portions of it as are possible to show with the equipment available at the meeting hall, put on by our webmaster, Craig Surprise, and you will have a chance to see the new lamp post light.

Speaking of our new lamp post light, many thanks to Ben Sheffield who has worked tirelessly on this project in helping to locate a suitable lamp head and obtain it for the best possible price.

Pet Plaques for our Ramada Pet Post will be available at the annual meeting today. These engraved plaques, with up to three lines of lettering are available for the low price of only $25. If you have had a favorite pet which you would like to memorialize, this is an excellent way to do it, and to help our your HOA at the same time.  If undecided about what to say on your plaque, a list of appropriate messages will be available, If you will not be at the meeting, a Plaque can be arranged by calling Geri at 777-4972.

85 people enjoyed our first Hamburger Nite of 2010 at Sunset Ramada last Tuesday evening. It was a beautiful evening with pleasant weather, and the Hospitality Committee performed to their usual exceptional level of service. Many thanks to all those who served the Committee, attended, brought food for the Food Bank drive, and enjoyed the evening.  A special thanks to Ed Buchholz, who baked chocolate chip cookies for attendees. There will be more of these as the year progresses, so watch for future notices. These events make us glad we live in Esperanza Estates.  A more hospitable subdivision with a better place to enjoy than our Ramada just isn’t going to be found. We have actually had some inquiries from other subdivisions as to whether we would be willing to rent our Ramada space for their functions.  Sorry, Charlie……

The following morning, about 30 people came together to enjoy Free Coffee and Donuts at the Ramada, and spent an hour chatting and enjoying the morning. Watch for this event from time to time in the future, and you will be welcome to join us.

Proof Reader needed: The proposed EEHOA collection of short stories, "The Love Stories of Esperanza Estates", is nearing a publication date. The Editor has spent so much time working and reworking the present 24 stories, that he is hesitant to do his own proof reading. Is there anyone who would be willing to do the job? There are about 100 pages of good reading. The proof reader would be expected to pick up all grammatical errors and suggest changes where meanings may not seem clear. If you are interested, please call Sandy Reed, Editor, at 393-1427 or 648-0334.

We have learned that our Periodico editor, Arlene Boyuls, will have to give up the position for personal reasons effective with the edition scheduled for this June. Accordingly we are seeking a replacement for her. If you are interested in this job, please contact the editor at 399-0455 to discuss the matter in further detail, or call Arlene at 648-5626. This is an important job, as the Periodico reaches many who do not use a computer and is the main form of communication we have with them as far as subdivision matters are concerned. Arlene has done a wonderful job on our Periodico for the past several years, and the HOA is most appreciative for her service. Arlene has indicated she would be willing to help train her replacement. If you have a few hours a month to help out your HOA, please so indicate ASAP.

The Enhancement Team is now collecting items for the spring patio sale, to be held at Sunset Ramada in March. Kitchenware, patio items, home decor and furniture are wanted. If you have large items you intend to donate and would prefer not to store, let the Team know. A very generous person in EE has offered the use of his garage for storage and the Team will gladly pick them up. The annual patio sale is the Team's biggest fund raiser for the year and the "drive is on" to raise the money for the future enhancement projects the Team has planned . For pick up, call Sandi (625-0039), Bev (625-7741), or Barb (867-8067). Remember, when you help the Team you help yourselves, as all Team proceeds are reinvested right back in EE.

Attention: EE artists and anyone interested in taking up painting as a hobby.  If you would like to be a part of a group where ideas, knowledge, and enthusiasm regarding art can be shared, please call Tess at 625-7353.

Euchre players: Interested in forming a group for playing the game? Call Paul McCreary at 203-7543.

A new group has formed in EE which will be known as SWLL (Strong Women Live Longer). Their first meeting was last Monday at the Ramada and was well attended, as were their additional meetings on the following Wednesday and Friday. They have settled on M-W-F at 9:30 at the Ramada as a regular weekly schedule. Basically this is a weight training class, using weights of 1 to 5 pounds.  Interested persons may contact Jane Ellingson at 625-7782 for more information. The group will be open to interested persons who wish to undertake this healthful form of exercise.

Our Pickleball instructor, Gary Beatty, is putting together an EE Pickleball team to take on other Green Valley Pickleball groups. Watch for details. Gary has an interesting bio on the EE website; go to and click on the 'Calendar & Forum' page, then hit 'Everything Pickleball' to read it.

Have a good week.

The Monday Morning Memo is not an official publication of the HOA of Esperanza Estates.  It is intended to be informational only and is distributed as a courtesy. Content is entirely determined by the editor.

Editor's E-mail address is: and Editor's phone number is: (520) 399-0455.

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