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Green Valley, AZ

Esperanza Estates

Monday Morning Memo---------------January 14

Good Morning:

Our Hospitality Committee has announced its calendar for the first several months of the year, as follows:

Hamburger Night, Jan 15 / 4:00 P.M.

Free Valentine dinner, Feb 12
Hamburger Night, Feb 26
Hamburger Night, March 11
Spaghetti Night, March 25
Hamburger Night, April 8
Hamburger Night, April 22
Cinco De Mayo Fiesta, May 5
Memorial Day Party, May 26

More details as to exact times, etc. will be published as the events arrive. Mark these dates on your calendars as you wont want to miss any of these culinary and other delights. But do note that the first on the list is tomorrow night, at the ramada, at 4:00 p.m. We hope to see you there. The head chef will be our own award-winning Sam Barnard, and we will have the usual outstanding array of friendly waitresses, and an occasional waiter. No standing in line--table service. All the normal Hamburger Night goodies will be available; bring your own alcohol. Nominal charge.

There will also be a short presentation by our Enhancement Team about their new project involving sun and wind screens for the ramada. This is interesting and you will want to hear about their plan. This presentation alone will be worth attending.

If its chilly--no worries! We will crank up our new heaters.

While you are circling dates on your calendar, be sure to include the 20th of February, which is the date for the 9th Annual Lunar Party, to be held at Esperanza Estates (flag) Park on Holgado. This is a “freebee”, and the entire subdivision is invited to join in food and libations, a bonfire, and to celebrate the full moon and our terrific subdivision Esperanza Estates. This event is sponsored by the usual suspects. Watch for further details.

The Enhancement Team has completed its refurbishment program at the Esperanza Blvd. entrance monument, with the placement of new gravel, a general clean-up of the area, and rearrangement of the larger stones. It looks quite fresh and nice. No gravel had been refreshed in that area for many years, and it was overdue. Take a look when you go by and our thanks to the Team for one more project to benefit all of us--entirely paid for by them from the proceeds of their fund raisers. And characteristic of the Team, they are already working and planning further improvements. Details will be announced in the future, but we think you will like what they have in mind for us.

Remember the 30th annual meeting of Esperanza Estates HOA will take place on the 21st. Please attend if possible. Details of the meeting have been sent to all households within the subdivision. Should you have questions, call 399-0455.

Four more memorial bricks will be installed at the ramada in the near future. This brings the total to about 50. This program is continuing and if you are interested in having a brick inscribed as a permanent memorial to a loved one, a person, an event, a date, a pet, or what have you, please call 399-0455 and you will be provided with the necessary form to fill out. Or, you can pick up a form at the ramada bulletin board and turn it in to 796 Circulo Napa. The cost is $50, and all proceeds are used for ramada enhancements. Bricks installed so far may be seen at the ramada, in the northeastern area along the wall.

Our snowbirds are still returning. Welcome back to the Stackens who just returned January 10th--sadly to find some damage to their driveway caused by someone who apparently thought it was a roadway.

Have a good week. Hope to see you at the Hamburger Night tomorrow at the ramada at 4:00.



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