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Monday Morning Memo

September 16, 2019        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Board Meeting Today
Its summer recess is over and the EEHOA Board will meet today at 1:00 PM at the Ramada. All residents are welcome. Attending a meeting is one of the best ways to find out what's happening in our neighborhood. You'll find a copy of the standard agenda at the end of this memo.

Movies Are Back at the Ramada!
Wednesday night at 7:00 at the Ramada. This week's film is Mrs. Henderson Presents. With some money in her pocket after the death of her husband, Mrs. Laura Henderson (Judi Dench) buys a theater and hires an irascible theater manager to run the business, despite bad blood between the two. Henderson has a hit on her hands when she decides to add beautiful nude women to the stage shows at her Windmill Theatre. Though they are touched by tragedy, Henderson and her company bravely keep the theater active during the 1940-'41 Blitz of London. Thanks to Jane and Eric Ellingson for sponsoring this event.

A Reminder from Common Area Maintenance
Sidewalk safety is important to all of us. The sidewalks and streets in Esperanza Estates are the property of Pima County and they are responsible for maintenance and repair. Any uneven areas are reported to the county through the Green Valley Council by our representative to GVC, Larry Kempton. However, individual homeowners are responsible for plant growth on their property extending to the sidewalk or tree branches which obstruct the sidewalk. Please make sure your area is properly maintained so as not to cause a problem.

Free Genetic Testing by Medicare--NOT
Medicare warns against scammers who promise free genetic testing if only you'll give them your Medicare number. NOPE! Just a reminder that your health professional has to be the one ordering Medicare covered tests for you.

Helpful Hints for HOA Happiness
The Board is aware that not everyone reads and understands EE's CC&Rs and Rules, so they have asked the Monday Morning Memo to include reminders of issues that often occur, disrupting the peace and harmony of our community.  We are paraphrasing and abbreviating the CC&Rs and Rules, so if an item applies to you, read the full applicable section of the CC&Rs or Rules or call a Board member for clarification.
Here's our latest hint: Remember the old saying "Don't air your dirty linen in public"? Well, in EE, you can't air your clean linen in public either. Permanent clotheslines can't be installed and portable clotheslines can be used only if they are not visible from your neighbor's property or the street.

Monday Morning Memo Submission Deadline
Have an EE organization item that needs to appear in the next MMM? Please submit your information by Friday evening. You don't need to write the article, just give us the facts. If an urgent, last-minute situation arises after the deadline, please call to let us know you're sending information.

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