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September 12, 2016        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Hospitality Planning Meeting
Anyone interested in getting to know their neighbors, is invited to the meeting of the Hospitality Group at 9 am on Tuesday in the Ramada. They'll be planning September and October EE get-togethers. Had some event planning experience?  They're still looking for a general or two to step up and lead the troops.

The King's Speech on Screen This Week
Thanks to Eric and Jane Ellingson, Wednesday night is movie night again. This 2010 winner of Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Original Screeenplay, stars Colin Firth as King George VI and Geoffrey Rush as speech therapist Lionel Louge. The movie starts at 7 pm. Be there in plenty of time to see the opening scene in Wembley Stadium. The crowd consisted of 250 actors in costume, 1,500 inflatable dummies, and some post-production visual effects. Maybe we can stop the action for a few seconds and pick them out.

Voting Registration for Arizona Residents
New resident of Arizona?  To vote in the general election on November 8th, you will need to be registered on or before October 10.  With an Arizona driver's license, you can do this at  That site will let you check your current registration, change your address, and confirm your polling place.  EE voters will be voting at the meeting room at Casa Paloma I.  If you show up at the wrong polling place, workers have been instructed to let voters cast a provisional ballot, but your ballot will NOT be counted.

A resident on Calle Excelso reports that a Talavera pot which had been secured to the ground with a 3 foot iron rod was stolen from his front yard last week. Please stay alert to any suspicious activity in our neighborhood.

Giant Hungry Humming Birds
Feeders empty every morning? Thinking that there must be a flock of huge hummingbirds migrating through? Shine a little light on the feeders after dark and you'll see the beauty of flying mammals. Migrating bats whose diet is fruit based are emptying those feeders after dark.

Tucson Modernism Week
Craig and Cynthia Surprise (Anyone remember them?) have enjoyed Tucson Modernism Week in years past and suggest that EE residents consider reserving a spot September 30- October 8. The event is sponsored by the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation and includes lectures, home tours, a vintage trailer show and more. Check out the event at (OK, truth be told I've never succeeded in adding a link. If clicking on it doesn't work, just type it in.)

EE Board Meets September 19th
Yup, it's a week from today. Mark your calendar.  Our Ramada at 1 pm.

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