Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, AZ.


Good Morning:

 Tom's away, so you're stuck with me this morning. He did leave me some notes, so here goes.

 Here is an anonymous quote from a resident to Craig Surprise, our webmaster par excellent: 

"I have just spent some time looking at all the info on the EE web page that you have designed and keep up to date. It is really neat.  I really thank you for all the time you spend on it. A real Gem."

 If you have not checked out our webpage lately, take a look.  It is found at  It has everything you want to know about EE and what we have to offer; loads of excellent pictures; an interactive Forum where you can post a comment or a request, advertise an event or something to sell, find out what is going on around the subdivision, and more.   The site contains the back issues of the MMM, the Periodico, all of our legal documents, paint colors, and much, much more.  The site also has links to other  things of interest around GV.  It is without question the best designed, most interesting, comprehensive, and up to date website of any subdivision in Green Valley, and we are very proud of it. Take a look, and check it out often as it is always changing and always up to date.  It is not only interesting and informative, it is useful as well. We know of several house sales in EE which have taken place as a direct result of our website, and the information contained therein. Keep it in mind. If you need a rental or have one for rent this is a good place to go too! There is someone looking for a rental right now on the website.

 You out of town homeowners might like to know that construction has finally begun in earnest on the roundabout at the intersection of Continental and Camino del Sol. Dirt is really flying. There are some traffic delays and we are encouraged to take a different route if possible to avoid the mess.

 The weather has been really hot and we continue to wait for the monsoon to perhaps pick up steam again. Our HOA pool has been getting some really good use by residents. Check it out if you haven't. Remember, it is open daily until 9:00pm during the summer, and remember to take that shower.

 Three volunteers (Joe McCalpin,Tom Cooke and Bruce Liljegren) spent three and a half hours last Wednesday doing a TSP scrub of the brick floor at Sunset Ramada, and it looks pretty good at this point in time.  The floor had gotten pretty grimy after the recent painting activities and was in need of a good cleaning. Considering the Ramada is open on three sides, it gets its share of debris and dust from the winds as well.

 Long time resident Sheila Bennen, a new resident to La Posada, reports a new address and phone number for all her friends in Esperanza Estates. Please note: Sheila will continue to get our MMM and attend our get togethers. I hope! phone 648-8208.

 Finally, I hope you weren't fooled by a letter you may have received, as I and others did, last week.  It offered to help you get your property tax bill reduced if you mailed in a check for $189.00. THIS IS A SCAM!  The deadline for filing an appeal on your current property tax is passed.  While this looked like an official letter it was not!

 That's it for this week.



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