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July 9, 2018        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Movie Night -- Note New Time
Showing on Wednesday at the Ramada at 7:15 PM will be Darkest Hour.  It stars Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill, and is an account of his early days as Prime Minister, as Nazi Germany's Wehrmacht swept across Western Europe, threatening to defeat the United Kingdom. Thanks to Jane and Eric Ellingson for sponsoring this event. Note that the movies will start at 7:15 while it remains too light for good viewing at 7:00.

Know Your Speed Limit Contest
With summer's reduced traffic it's easy to zip through Green Valley on almost empty streets.  This month, however, the Pima County Sheriff's Department has announced that it will be increasing speed limit enforcement in residential areas of the county. So, shake the lead out of those sandals and pay attention to the posted limits.  The prize??  No moving violations, no fines, no trips to the court.

Summer Afternoon Entertainment
Getting a bit of cabin fever from afternoons spent in air-conditioned comfort?  Pull up the latest information on reducing the number of robo calls to your cell phone at 
PC Magazine and you may find yourself entertained for hours.

House Paint Colors
Thinking of painting your house?  If you don't know what color your house is, you can find it on our website,  After you get to the home page, look at the menu on the left and find Forms and Documents. Open that and scroll down until you find House Paint Colors.  In that document, you will find a list of the house color for each particular address.  Keep in mind, that you must contact Architectural Control before painting your house and you must use the same color as you currently have.

News from the Land Acquisition Committee
"As of today, the three HOAs have confirmed the terms of an agreement to support Las Campanas's acquisition of the vacant land along Esperanza Blvd. It will go to their board for formal approval this coming Friday. The agreement assures that the land will remain in its natural state ("undeveloped") going forward and that our residents will not be denied walking access. Once approved, the formal sales/purchase process can begin. This means that you will soon receive a letter requesting fulfillment of the pledge that you made this spring. A copy of the agreement will accompany the letters going to  pledgers and will be available on our website for those who did not pledge, but would like to support this process now. Thanks to everyone for your patience and support."

From the Board: Rental Property Restrictions
"It has been noted recently that some homes in EE have been rented out for short periods on sites such as AirBNB and VRBO. While such rentals/leases are not prohibited per se, the HOA's CCRs - specifically article 9.12.1 - require that all rental agreements be in writing and be on a "month to month basis." That means all such agreements be for a minimum of thirty days.

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