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July 18, 2016        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

The 100 Foot Journey Showing at the Ramada
When Maison Mumbai opens directly across the road from Le Saule Peureur in village in the French Pyrennes, cultures and cuisine clash. Helen Mirren stars in this 2014 romantic comedy.  Jane and Eric Elllingson once again host the Wednesday night 7:15 showing at the Ramada. Thanks to Chuck and Margie Smith for the loan of this movie.  ( shows how the movie-makers were able to put the restaurants across the road from each other.)

Help Needed at the Polls
Pima County is looking for a few good citizens to staff the polling places for the August 30 primary and November 8 general election.  If you'd be willing to join the roughly 2000 workers who volunteer their time, contact the Elections Department at (520) 724-6830 ext. 3. Poll workers are required to attend a mandatory training session prior to the election.
FYI you must be registered by August 1 to vote in the primary and by October 10 to vote in the general election. You cannot register to vote if you've been adjudicated incompetent, but as near as we can tell, you could still run for office.

Pick-Up-Sticks Popular 
Summer winds dropping limbs in a park near you?  If you've noticed downed branches, tipped ocotillo, an agave about to tip over or a sagging saguaro in a common area near you, let Board Member and Common Area Maintenance
Chief Dean Hess know about it. E-mail him at so that he'll have a written record to refer to.

Art in the Afternoon
The Life and Works of Grant Wood is the subject of this week's presentation at Green Valley's Joyner Library. The lecture is scheduled for 2 pm Wednesday afternoon.

Technically Speaking
Struggling with a new smarter-than-you phone, reader or tablet?  Drop in at the Joyner-Green Valley Library between 1 and 3 pm on Wednesdays for free one-on-one tech advice from the tech-savvy staff.  Don't forget to charge your device before heading to the library.

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