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June 6, 2016        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Afternoon Aqua Exercise Exits
Looking for a great no-pain workout? Join the 8 am water exercise group with Terry Jackson and Judy Lang.  They'll be there on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays this summerWith June's excessive heat likely followed by July and August monsoons, afternoon leader Linda Sielken is taking a break. Really, really want to do this in the afternoon?  Give Linda a call at 908-240-1887.

Ramada Kitchen Floor Work
Thanks to the hard work and generosity of the Enhancement Team, the floor of the Ramada kitchen is going to be updated with an epoxy finish.  Work will begin on Tuesday, June 14. Following a "no traffic" curing phase, the kitchen should again be available Thursday, June 23. The pool will still be available through the north gate and through the south gate for those entering on the steps coming in from the west (garden) end.

Happy 102nd!
Happy Birthday to John Pierce on Circulo del Sur, who celebrates his 102nd birthday on June 8.
To put this in historical perspective, Woodrow Wilson was president and WWI had not yet begun when John was born.   

Storage Facility Progress
The roof rafters on the new storage facility are up. Stop by and check out the progress.

Green Valley/Sahuarita Food Banks Need Donations
The Green Valley (520-625-5252) and Good Shepherd Sahuarita Food Banks (520-625-1375) are finding it difficult to keep their shelves stocked this summer.  With retailer's inventories reduced due to the summer population decline, donations from stores are reduced.  If you have unexpired items that you can donate, call for their current hours.
If unexpected medical expenses or home repairs make it difficult for you to buy groceries, you may qualify for one of the food bank programs.  Check out the Pima County web-page for their qualifications.

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