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Monday Morning Memo--------------March 24th

Good Morning:

Our masonry arch on the west end of Sunset Park has had black iron lettering placed thereon which announces the name "Sunset Ramada", the title given to the Ramada recently. Many thanks to Lance Ewing, Ben Sheffield, and Vince Brow, who installed the letters. It looks terrific. This is another project of our always busy and always energetic Enhancement Team, who paid the entire cost. Be sure you take a look next time you are on Portillo.

The Team is also finalizing a landscaping plan for the new south entrance sign on Portillo, and the surrounding area. Part of this plan will call for the placement of one or more benches in the shady area behind the arch, where an excellent view of the mountains is possible. If you would be able to donate a bench to this program, please contact Tess Ewing at 625-7353, or Barb McCalpin, 867-8067. Such a bench could be in the form of a memorial to a loved one, and a small inscription plate would be made by the Team and affixed, so designating the bench.

The balance of the plan will involve turning this area into a small park-like setting, with a wild flower bed, freshened gravel, new cacti, and similar amenities. Itís a great idea for a long neglected area with a lot of potential.

The Enhancement Teamís Coffee Party will be held next Saturday, the 29th, at Sunset Ramada, beginning at 8 am. This is to thank all of the many residents and volunteers who helped the Team with this yearís many projects. Please join the Team members and your neighbors at this celebration of a splendid year of accomplishments. Coffee and appropriate goodies will be provided with the Teamís compliments.

The Team is already planning more Ramada improvements for next season. Details will be released as they are finalized. It will encompass a better and more functional kitchen area, including a larger sink, more counter space and much more cupboard area.

The Team has also made a monetary donation to the EE tree committee, who will use it for strategically placing trees in common areas where they will do the most good and are the most needed. The beautification of our common areas is among the Teamís fortes--as is quite apparent.

A chilly Board meeting was held at Sunset Ramada on the regular Board meeting day, March 17th. Due at least partly to the weather, the meeting was concluded in 25 minutes. Nothing much controversial came up, although a decision was made to accelerate payment of the Ramada indebtedness by paying the note holder all the funds collected so far on the special assessment immediately, to hold down interest expenses. The original plan was to pay off the entire note in July, after all special assessment payments had been received. A substantial portion of the indebtedness can be retired with the funds now being held. The balance will then be paid when the rest of the assessment is collected.

Our Hospitality Committee has decided to cancel the Spaghetti Diner set for the 25th, and reset it for the Fall. There appears to be too many conflicting activities to fit this in at this time. If you have purchased a ticket, your money will be refunded promptly.

The thank you event for the specially invited volunteers will be held April 1st at Sunset Ramada. If you have RSVPíd for this event, please join us at Sunset Ramada at 4:30pm. This will be an evening of fun, food, and music for all volunteers who help make EE a very special place. Please BYOB. All else, including a special music presentation, will be provided. This event is jointly co-sponsored by our Enhancement Team and our Hospitality Committee.

Bruce Liljegren, our Board member representative to the GVCCC, will be providing a regular report in the Periodico of the current GVCCC activities. This is a pretty active group, and the closest thing Green Valley has to an government, so its activities are of considerable interest.

A new hand rail has been installed for the stairs on the east side of the tennis court. These stairs are somewhat uneven, and this railing should be helpful for persons using these stairs. Thanks to John Meek for suggesting and helping with this project.

We were sorry to learn of the passing March 19th of Dick Sheehan, and our condolences go out to Lilly and the family. There will be a celebration of Dickís life at the Hall at Our Lady of the Valley Church on La Canada on Thursday, March 27th, from 11:30 until 2:30, for family and friends. A lunch will be served. On Friday, March 28th there will be a military service in Dickís honor at the Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Military Cemetery, at Sierra Vista. Lilly and the family would appreciate your attendance at these events. Lilly and Dick were two very special people in Esperanza Estates, and he will be missed.

We are sorry to report that Richard Chronister, our EE webmaster has moved from our subdivision and will be living in Tucson, and this leaves us in the position of looking for a new volunteer to take over our much-lauded Esperanza Estates site, www.esperanzaestates.net Richard has agreed to help any new volunteer get started on this project--which is a very important tool for us here in Esperanza Estates. If you have computer talent, and would be willing to take on this project, please call 399-0455 to discuss it further. This would be an opportunity to exercise your computer skills and talents and to help your HOA at the same time.

Watch for the new Periodico this week. Among the articles appearing therein is one containing some advice on keeping your lamppost operating over the summer months if you are going to be away.

Have a good week. Hope you had a happy Easter. How about this weather?

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