Monday Morning Memo

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Esperanza Estates

Green Valley, Az.

Good Morning:

Be sure and check out our website at It has an entirely new look and a new format, making it more attractive and easier to use, and containing more useful information about EE. Our webmaster, Craig Surprise, has been working on this for some time now, and the end product is ready for your inspection and use. We think you will like the new look, and the new features. We are also very appreciative of Craig for all of his work on the site--as well as all the other things that Craig helps us with. Let us know how you like the new site.

The EE Board meets today at Sunset Ramada at 1:00. All residents are invited to attend. An agenda follows this edition of the Memo. We will have a special speaker from the Green Valley Assistance Services, who will give a report on their services and outreach program. The Green Valley Assistance Services is a private, non-profit agency that provides information and referrals to seniors and their families to help further their independence and resiliency, especially during these tough economic times. The group has been active in Green Valley and actively meeting these needs for the past 40 years. It is their goal to be available to all who are in need and to provide resources that can make a difference in their lives. This presentation will take only a short time, and should be interesting to all seniors and their families. No attempt to solicit funds will be made by the Agency.

Acting with almost incredible speed, our Enhancement Team has met its pledge for the installation of a first rate sound system for Sunset Ramada, following their successful patio sale last week. The system is IN, and is already operational. Some further “tinkering” will be done with portions of it, and additional components will be added, but it is working--and is it ever nice! Eight speakers have been strategically placed throughout the Ramada structure, and the sound is uniform in all parts. We also have a wireless microphone as a component of it. When fully complete, the system will be able to play from tapes and CD’s as well as being a high quality PA system--all wireless. It is operational via a remote. It has been designed in such a way that the sound spill-over outside the Ramada itself is an absolute minimum, and should be of no concern to the neighboring residences.

In additional to our Team, the rapidness of being able to get the system up and running is due to a major donation of top-of-the-line equipment by our webmaster, Craig Surprise, and his wife Cynthia. Craig also gave us valuable advice on the best way to set up the system. Many thanks to Craig and Cynthia, to all members of our Team especially including Men’s Auxiliary Team members Lance Ewing and Vince Brow, and to our local electronics wizard, Eric Ellingson. Thanks as well to Ben Sheffield, who loaned us some equipment temporarily to get the system up and running.

We also hear the Team has additional gifts for us, in the form of some additional sun/wind screens for the south side of our Ramada. These screens are very high-quality units, and expensive. Last year the team bought similar screens for the west end of the Ramada, and a portion of the south side, which have proven very useful and very effective. And remember--this costs our HOA nothing. We are the beneficiaries of these items due to the hard work and continuing efforts of our Enhancement Team. Just over the past three years alone they have raised and spent thousands of dollars in our behalf. And expect more before they are through. We need to thank them often for helping us all so much.

In 2006, our HOA constructed the Ramada, but it was a only a shell. Virtually all the additions and items of comfort and convenience---fans, lights, electrical work, tables and chairs, counters, heaters, sun/wind screens, and now the sound system were all bought and paid for by generous donors and by our volunteer committees. That is a pretty enviable accomplishment, and demonstrates a strong commitment to our subdivision.

The following was received for publication:

Anyone interested in playing ping pong? I have a table in my garage and a
small group of us play Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:30 to 3:00 PM.
Other days/times by appointment.

If you'd like to join us give me a call or just come by.

Larry 625-8023
891 Regalo

For those who have purchased tickets, remember the St. Patrick’s Day dinner tomorrow at Sunset Ramada. Meal service begins at 5, but you’ll want to arrive some earlier to have a cocktail. Bring your own brand of hard stuff if you are particular. Other types will be supplied with the dinner.

The annual EE party to honor all EE volunteers is scheduled for next Saturday, March 21st at Sunset Ramada to begin at 4:30. If you are a volunteer in EE in any capacity this party is for you, and you are invited to attend. An award for Volunteer of the Year will be presented. This will be a catered party, with a fine dinner and appropriate libations. No charge for attendees--this is a party to honor and thank all volunteers who help Esperanza Estates. Have a question as to whether you qualify as a volunteer? Call 399-0455 for an answer. You won’t want to miss this one! It’s especially for you!

A hard-working crew of volunteers showed up for a work party Tuesday afternoon and gave our Ramada a thorough scrub down. It looks all clean and nice, and many thanks to the workers who helped out.

Free Coffee and Donuts at the Ramada was held Wednesday morning, and was attended by about 40 residents . Remember this event takes place the second Wednesday of each month, and you are all invited for a cup or two, and a donut (or 2). Word is coming down that this event will take a dramatic and interesting turn this next month, courtesy of one of our Board members. Watch this space for details.

We had 16 pickleball players last Tuesday at the tennis court, including some new ones.

We send Ben Sheffield wishes for a speedy recovery from recent knee surgery.

There have been multiple reports recently of persons entering the pool and spa without first showering. This requirement is posted once on the pool entrance gate, and twice inside the enclosure, and is important for health and sanitary reasons. If you might be among those not complying, please mend your ways.

Have a good week. Check out the Ramada sound system when you can. See you at the St. Patrick’s Day dinner. How about that new look for the website?


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Sunset Ramada

AGENDA for Board Meeting March 16, 2009

I. 1:00 Call to order--recognition of new members

II. Announcements----Guest Speaker from Green Valley Assistance Services, Inc.

III. Acceptance of the February minutes

Treasurer’s Report – Joan Moreaux

Committee Reports:




D. GVCCC – Bruce Liljegren



G. HOSPITALITY – Scottie Blum and Sam Barnard/St Patrick’s Day dinner


I. ESPERANZA ENHANCEMENT – Geri Lindberg/patio sales results/future plans

IV. OLD BUSINESS-Light post committee report

V. NEW BUSINESS--patio sale results/report on sound system/new Sunset Ramada signage/Volunteers dinner/Rotary Club donation/pool change of hours/cool decking


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