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Monday Morning Memo

December 24, 2018        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

No Hot Desert
Hot Desert Landscaping will not be working this week, so don't leave any material for them to pick up.

EE Gardeners
The Gardeners plan more work days to help keep our common areas looking good and they are looking for additional volunteers to help out. 
If you are interested, contact Jim Copeland at 952-250-5399 or just show up at the next work day which will be announced in this memo.

Dues Deadline Ahead
Your EE dues are due by January 1st. You can drop that envelope in the locked box behind the kitchen counter at the Ramada, if you're here in Green Valley.

Signature on Your Ballot Envelope?
Don't forget to add your signature to the Signature line on the back of your ballot envelope. Ballots without signatures will not be counted.
Ballot envelopes will not be opened until January 15th, so don't put your dues in with the ballot.

Helpful Hints for HOA Happiness
The Board is aware that not everyone reads and understands EE's CC&Rs and Rules, so they have asked the Monday Morning Memo to include reminders of issues that often occur, disrupting the peace and harmony of our community.  We are paraphrasing and abbreviating the CC&Rs and Rules, so if an item applies to you, read the full applicable section of the CC&Rs or Rules or call a Board member for clarification. Here's this week's hint: 
While overnight on-street parking is prohibited, if you have exceptional circumstances requiring you to park on the street on a short-term basis, you can ask the board for a special permit to do so. Contact Dave Sielken with your request.

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