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December 17, 2018        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Board Meeting Today
The EEHOA Board will meet today at the Ramada at 1:00 PM.  All residents are welcome to attend.  The standard agenda is at the bottom of this memo. Reminder that the Annual Meeting is on January 21.

Coffee and Donuts
Join your friends and neighbors for complimentary coffee and donuts at the Ramada this Wednesday at 8:30 AM. Heaters will be on to keep you toasty. Thanks to the Cookes and Surprises for sponsoring this event.

Kudos to the EE Gardeners
Thanks to the Gardeners for their hard work cleaning up Flag Park last week.  For your dining pleasure, the park now has two new concrete tables on the newly installed brick patio.

Tables Available
There are three surplus wood tables in Flag Park available to any resident of EE. If you want one, please contact Dean Hess (520-780-8995). First come, first served.

Ramada Sale
The Enhancement Committee's Annual Ramada Sale will be held on March 2.  
You can drop off donated items at the shed next to the pickleball courts any Wednesday from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.
Pick-ups for heavier items will be available after January 5th by calling Patty Tracy at 520-444-4472.
The committee will not accept mattresses, hide-a-beds, clothing, paints or chemicals.
The electronics policy has changed. Only working laptop computers and working printers (with ink cartridges) can be accepted.  No other electronics (including TVs and miscellaneous cables) will be accepted.  If you have a non-working computer, you can take it to Best Buy for disposal/recycling.  Donations of electronics will only be accepted at the shed.  Do not drop them off at a private residence.

Movies Are on Vacation
Thanks to Jane and Eric Ellingson for sponsoring the movies which will resume on January 16.

Thanks for a Great Evening
Thanks to our enthusiastic and energetic Hospitality Committee for a great party to kick off the holiday season.  A large crowd turned out to enjoy sweet and savory treats. The ugly sweater contest and gift grab added some amusing moments and the raffle brought in almost $300 to support the committee's upcoming events.

Want Your Check to Clear in 2018?
Want that EE dues check to arrive on time and clear in 2018?  Use the envelope provided for dues.  Put your ballot only in the envelopes provided for ballots.  Those are the ones with a line for your signature on the back. Ballot envelopes will not be opened until January 15th. 
You can drop both envelopes in the locked box at the Ramada if you're here in Green Valley.

Esperanza Jams
Six acoustical musicians/vocalists showed up for the first "jam" of Esperanza Jams: two guitarists, a violinist, a banjo player, a stand-up base player, a piano player and a vocalist.  New musicians are always welcome (harmonica, accordion, ukelele, etc.)  The group will meet next on Thursday, December 20th at 3PM at 852 Calle del Regalo. They will have worked on I'll Fly Away (key of D), City of New Orleans (C), Amazing Grace (D), Wagon Wheel (A), and Down to the River to Pray (Em). Questions? Contact Marla Ries at 360-708-0855 or email to We'd like to see/hear you!

Neighborhood Watch News
Karen White
would like to thank the block captains for their input and dedication in updating their information sheets.  Thanks also to the retired block captains for their service, and especially to Mary Beth Wallace for her caring work with Neighborhood Watch.
If block captains have any information sheets or updates to turn in, please give them directly to Cheri Day.
Residents who have recently returned and haven't spoken to your block captain, please call Karen at 520-648-3993 or email Cheri at to provide updated phone numbers, emergency contact[s], key-holder name, or new pet information.
There are three block captain openings:  Zone 5B (Ensalmo 718-746 pool-side of the street); Zone 6 (Napa 101, 107, 113-179); Zone 21 (Del Sur 335-348.  Call Karen if you are interested in becoming a block captain.

Helpful Hints for HOA Happiness
The Board is aware that not everyone reads and understands EE's CC&Rs and Rules, so they have asked the Monday Morning Memo to include reminders of issues that often occur, disrupting the peace and harmony of our community.  We are paraphrasing and abbreviating the CC&Rs and Rules, so if an item applies to you, read the full applicable section of the CC&Rs or Rules or call a Board member for clarification. Here's this week's hint:
 If you plan to paint the exterior of your house, contact Architectural Control before you buy all your paint. The color must match the existing color and Architectural Control may want to see a sample to be sure it is a match. If you don't know the name of the color you need, you can find that information under 'Homeowner Documents' on the EE website. Be mindful of the fact that all of the paint colors are Dunn-Edwards. Other brands may have colors of the same name, but are not an exact match. In some cases, having a paint store mix a different brand to match the Dunn-Edwards color has not resulted in the correct match.  If in doubt, contact Architectural Control.

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