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December 12, 2016        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Holiday Christmas Sing Along and Potluck
The Holiday Potluck will take place at the Ramada on Thursday. Cheer and caroling warm-up begins at 4:30 with digging into the delicacies at 5:00. You don't have to sing for your supper--just come and mouth the words. Bring your favorite finger food, cookies, hearty appetizers, or other tasty treat. Marla's special Southern Comfort punch (which you may remember does pack a punch), hot apple cider, wine, beer and soda will be provided.

Board to Meet
The EE HOA Board is scheduled to meet Monday, December 19th at 1 pm. Year-round residents are encouraged to locate their electric hand-warmers, fleece socks and stocking caps to insure their comfort during the meeting.  Newly arrived Minnesotans and Canadians should be comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt.

Hot Desert Christmas Collection
The year-round landscaping elves known as the Hot Desert Crew certainly deserve extra thanks. To avoid waking EE summer residents, these guys work without power tools before 7 am and are rewarded by 100-plus temperatures in the afternoons.  A Hot Desert Gift container will be prominently displayed at the Holiday Potluck, December Board meeting, and next Wednesday's Coffee & Donuts.
Contact Dean Hess at 780-8995 if you would like to make a donation at another time.

Book Discussion Group News
Anticipating some chilly weather, the Book Group decided to take the January meeting indoors.  What better place to meet than, you guessed it, a restaurant. The book selection, Isaac's Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History by Erik Larson, will be discussed between mouth-fuls. Note the new date and time for the January meeting: January 10 at noon at Los Agaves on La Canada. Please contact Marla Ries at by January 6 if you plan to attend so she can make a reservation.

Holiday Elves Ride to the Rescue
Only three days left to arrange for Enhancement Elves to trim your light post. Contact them by Wednesday. Cost is $10 if you have the decorations, $15 if you don't. An additional $2.00 for an adapter. They'll remove the decorations after January 1. Call Jackie Rautio at 269-7864 to schedule a visit.

There's Gold in Them There Garages
The Enhancement Team will be holding its first ever live auction at the Ramada on Friday, January 20. Proceeds will go to benefit our neighborhood. If you have an interesting or high-end item hiding in your garage that you would like to donate, contact Linda Sielken at 908-240-1887.

Bees Are Buzzing
A swarm of bees spent several days in the bushes along the walking trail near the Portillo monument. Caution tape and a sign were posted to warn walkers. Most swarms move on after a few days so no other action was needed. But if you notice a swarm in an EE common area, it would be helpful if you would notify a board member so warnings can be posted. This is also a good reminder to check your masonry walls for cracks. Bees find these spots great hive locations.

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