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Monday Morning Memo

November 21, 2016        Esperanza Estates        Green Valley, AZ

Board Meeting Today
The regular meeting of the EEHOA Board will be held today at 1:00 p.m. at the Ramada. 

Toss Your Hat in the Ring
Board elections will be coming up soon, and the Board is hoping a few more homeowners will step up and run for election.  Interested?  Call Ben Sheffield at 625-3797

Too Cool 
Because of cool morning temperatures, the Water Aerobics Group is going on hiatus until the morning temperatures rise again in the spring. 

Attention Gardeners
The EE Gardeners will meet at the Ramada on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. and finalize plans for the Ramada garden. They'll then move up to the area near Parque Felicidad (aka 'shade tree park') where they will sow wildflower seeds.  Please bring a rake if you can.  New participants are always welcome. 

Wednesday's Movie
A Prairie Home Companion is a fictional representation of the behind-the-scene activities on the last night of the broadcast of the longest running radio show.  All you Garrison Keillor fans are sure to love this one. Showtime is 7:00 p.m. at the Ramada.  Thanks to the Ellingsons for hosting these weekly showings. 

EE Black Friday Craft Sale
The annual EE day-after-Thanksgiving craft sale will take place on November 25 from 1:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.  Come on over to the Ramada and pick up a holiday gift or two. Ten artisans will be selling a variety of items such as: greeting cards; handcrafted jewelry; edibles; knitted items to wear as well as to use as holiday decorations; and wooden clocks, tables, snack accessories and other decorative wooden items. You'll also be able to buy one of the few remaining authentic EE license plates for the rock bottom price of $5.00. 

Show Off Your Creativity
If you would like to sell your crafts at the EE Black Friday craft sale, contact Barbara Copeland (952-250-6716).  There are still tables available. 

No Coffee & Donuts
The monthly complimentary coffee & donuts at the Ramada won't be held this month so that so you'll have room for a big Thanksgiving dinner. 

The Holiday Elves Are Back
No "Bah Humbug" heard here.  EE has a long-standing tradition of decorating our street light posts for the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Years.  To all our new residents, if you are unsure on how to proceed and want to do your own, please call the Enhancement Elves for free advice.  To the rest of you, if you don't have the time, or the energy, or you aren't here during the holidays, you can enlist the aid of the Elves.  They will do your decorating for a mere $10 if you have the decorations or $15 if you don't.  If you need the electrical plug-in to go in the socket in your post, the charge is an additional $2.00, but the adapter then becomes yours.  The charge includes both putting up and removing the decorations. The Elves start right after Thanksgiving and the deadline for requesting this service is December 15, so if you want the Elves to work their magic at your lamp post, call Jackie Rautio at 269-7864. They do extremely nice work. 

2017 Ramada Sale
Cleaning out clutter before your holiday guests arrive? The Enhancement Team is now taking donations for the 2017 Ramada sale to be held on Saturday, March 4th. Items to donate include: all household items, jewelry, accessories, furniture, lawn furniture, garage items, bicycles, computers, printers (must work). They do not take TV's, clothing, mattresses or box springs. To donate items, call Marian Mundale 625-2238 or Kraylen Miholer 393-8133

Cover Up
While days have still been warm and pleasant, nights are cooling off.  Before you know it we'll be having our first frost. The average first frost date in GV is November 25.  So, it's time to start planning your strategy for protecting your cold sensitive plants. If you don't have frost cloths, sheets will work. Just remember not to use plastic. 

In Memoriam
Our condolences to the family & friends of Gail Chelseth (Calle del Regalo) who passed away on November 14. 

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